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Thank you for signing up for the Caribbean Castaway Club influencer program. Both Crystal and I look forward to helping your business grow! Here are the next steps after payment.

Step 1: I (Ryan) will start to build out your Club page. For that I will need photography and copy. If you have a link to a Google Driver or Dropbox folder that stores your photos, that would be great. If you do not, you can email me photos or let me know I can download photos from your website or Facebook page. For the copy (text on your page) you can email me what you’d like your page to say or tell me I can copy what you have on your website. I will link to your site’s different pages and encourage people to contact with questions and reservation/bookings.

Step 2: Once the page is done, I will email you a link for approval. I will make any changes you like. Once approved by you, I’ll make an announcement on all the RumShopRyan Caribbean Castaway social media channels letting everyone know you are the newest member of the club.

Step 3: We begin on-going social media promotions for you.

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A Salty Passion

Our passion is to explore the Caribbean
and inspire others to experience
the magic of these islands.

Close your eyes and remove yourself from the everyday. Now picture your toes sinking into soft white sand as waves kiss your ankles. It’s a serene feeling that everyone should experience.  That’s why I started, I want to bring the Caribbean to all that have the same island passion as myself. If you dream of island bliss and wish you could be exploring secluded beaches then you have come to the right place. My only advice is to stop dreaming, stop wishing, and just go. It might just change your life as it did mine.

Who Is RumShopRyan

Howdy! I’m Ryan and I hail from the land-locked, can’t get any further from the ocean, state of Kansas. I moved to laid back southwest Florida in 2001. I didn’t know a single person and didn’t have a job. Risky I know, but the ocean was calling and I had to answer.

I’m a huge fan of Kansas City sports, so you’ll probably see a lot of Jayhawks, Chiefs and Royals attire in my photos. Kansas City is a great town and I’m glad I’m from there, but the coastal life was calling. It’s kind of like Kenny Chesney’s “island boy” song. Check out the lyrics and you’ll see what I mean.

I write because I’m passionate about the Caribbean and the island lifestyle, and it’s my way to share it with you. If it has anything to do with the Caribbean, rum drinks, beach style music, or Caribbean culture, you’ll be able to find it on this site.

When in the Caribbean you’ll find a camera around my neck and note pad in my pocket. This is how I document the experiences in unique and interesting ways and bring it back to you, the Castaways.

Who is Castaway Crystal

I was raised in Southwest Florida so it’s no surprise that I have a love for beaches, water and nature. As a child, most weekends were spent fishing in the warm gulf waters on the family boat. As an adult, most weekends are spent soaking up the sun on Ft. Myers Beach. Even though I have always loved the coastal life, I don’t think I fully appreciated it until I moved to Nashville, TN. I’m all about experiencing new things, and as a Licensed Massage Therapist I thought it would be amazing to massage some of Nashville’s biggest stars (a girl can dream right?). But I missed the sun and sand too much—and let’s not forget the rum runners! After a year I couldn’t take it anymore, this sun bunny moved back to her coast of somewhere beautiful.

I’ve always been passionate about photography and writing but my passions never really had a purpose until I met Ryan. I couldn’t be happier being Ryan’s first mate and sharing my photos and stories with you. May they inspire you to go after your tropical dreams and wishes.  Make a plan…Set a date…Just go!


We document, photograph, and film the best the Caribbean has to offer. Whether it’s stunning beaches, relaxing hotels, friendly restaurants, or soggy beach bars…we want to share it and inspire others to explore the islands.

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Pirate Captain

Writer • Photographer • Rum Judge • Marketer • Explorer • Pirate

Castaway Crystal

Castaway Crystal

Sandy Bottom First Mate

Writer • Photographer • First Mate • Better Half