People are passionate about their favorite beaches. Each island has its die-hard fans and St. John in the US Virgin Islands is no different. St. John is covered in dozens of postcard-perfect beaches and everyone has their favorite. So telling you guys our favorite beaches on St. John, we know we might be opening a beehive of opinions, and that’s exactly want we want.

best st. john beaches

We are fresh back from another trip to St. John (December of 2019) and we thought we would do a video of our favorite beaches. Give the video a watch below and let us know what you think. Hit us up on Instagram and DM us your top five favorite St. John beaches. I bet you are going to have a hard time listing just five! I know we did!

Our Top 5 St. John Beaches


In no particular order, here is a list of our top 5 St. John Beaches.

Maho Bay Beach

Ahhhh, Maho. This is a beach Crystal and I have to enjoy ever time we visit the island. It is deeper into the National Park, so it tends to be a little less crowded than Trunk, Hawksnest, or Cinnamon Bay.

We also love Maho Bay because it’s an animal lover’s dream! There have been times when huge tarpon swam between our legs chasing bait fish. You can often spot stingrays in the shallows, pelicans diving for their lunch, and sea turtles coming up for air as they take a break from munching on seagrass. We snorkeled with the sea turtles this past trip and it was a magical experience.

Trunk Bay Beach

So when you see pictures of St. John, chances are you are going to see a photo of the famous Trunk Bay overlook. It’s an iconic photo of the beach, the north shore of St. John, and the British Virgin Islands stretching out in the distance.

Trunk Bay is a long stretch of white sand with a rock island just off the shore. To the left of this island is the Trunk Bay underwater snorkel trail. This trail has rock markers on the bottom that gives you information about fish and coral in the area.

Denis Bay Beach

Denis Bay Beach is a favorite because there’s a good chance you will be the only one there. A deserted beach all to yourself.

To get to Denis Beach you head into the National Park on the North Shore Road from Cruz Bay. You will want to park at the Peace Hill parking lot. Peace Hill is a ruin that sits on a hill overlooking Hawksnest beach and has a short trail to get to. At the beginning of the Peace Hill trail, you’ll see a spur trail on the right, that leads down to Denis Beach.

It’s probably about a 10-15 minute walk down the winding trail to get to the beach. Once you get there you’ll see why it made our list of favorite St. John beaches.

Salt Pond Beach

Salt Pond is another gem of a beach on St. John. It’s a bit of a hike if you are coming from Cruz Bay, but it’s worth it. You’ll need to head to Coral Bay and take a right at the T-junction or Coral Bay sign. You’ll take that road all the way south until it takes a hard right and you’ll see a dirt parking lot and sign for Salt Pond. You’ll then walk down a hill to the beach.

It’s a beautiful crescent of white sand with good snorkeling on each side by the rocks. You’ll also find two trail heads here at Salt Pond. One for the Drunk Bay Trail, and the other for Ram Head Trail.

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach has it all! Stunning blue water, soft white sand, watersport activities, tours, and even a little beach bar. You’re going to love it.

To get to Honeymoon Beach you can either take the Lind Point trail which starts behind the National Park Building in Cruz Bay, or you can drive or take a taxi to the gate of the old Caneel Bay Resort. There, you can park and jump on a golf cart shuttle that will take you to the beach. I believe it’s either $6 or $10 dollars.

Once there you can get a day pass for $49 from VI Eco Tours which includes Kayaks, SUPs, Snorkel gear, lounge chairs, hammocks, pool floats, lockers, bathroom, and changing rooms.

Once you found your spot on the sand, grab a bite to eat or a cold island drink at Bikini’s On The Beach. This little beach bar has it all–a great menu, amazing staff and the drinks are out of this world. Ask Lauren for his special rum punch and tell him RumShopRyan sent you!

That’s our top five favorite St. John beaches! We wish we could list even more and it was really hard to pick just five. We know that everyone will have their own favorite beaches, so I invite you to visit our Instagram Page and either tag us in a photo to show your favorite beaches or DM us your list. Can’t wait to see what you castaways say!



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