The Memories and New Reality of CocoMaya Restaurant on Virgin Gorda

Like all of you, RumShopRyan and I are still heartbroken over the destruction that Hurricane Irma and Maria have inflicted on our beloved Caribbean Islands.

It’s overwhelming to see how many people need help out there. I wish we could help them all. I wish we could do more than just get the word out and send a few donations. It doesn’t seem like enough, but for right now, it’s the best we can do.

It’s difficult to decide who needs the spotlight the most on our blog. In truth, they all do.

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Across the Caribbean people have lost their jobs, their homes and life as they knew it is gone. Normal everyday things we take for granted such as a roof over our head, running water and electricity are now considered a luxury for those affected by the storms.

So again, how do I choose who to write about? Like any passionate writer, I can only do so by personal experience and what’s close to my heart – and Virgin Gorda is just that.

RumShopRyan and I were there on our honeymoon only THREE WEEKS before Mother Nature decided to level out the once lush and wondrous rock.

Every enchanting thing we experienced is now gone. Friends we made are now struggling with their new reality.

Restaurants we enjoyed are now in peril. Though unable to receive a paycheck, the employees are still working hard to clean up the mess that Irma ruthlessly left behind.

One restaurant in particular tugs at our heartstrings…

My one and only request during our honeymoon was that Ryan would treat me to a nice romantic dinner instead of the usual beach bar. Once in a while this beach girl likes to hang up her do-rag and let her hair down.

I asked on my Instagram account the best place to go for such an evening out and everyone unanimously said CocoMaya.  

For the past six years CocoMaya has been a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

Located at Fort Point in Spanish Town with a “Beach-Chic” vibe, it’s waterfront dining at it’s finest.

Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant

Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Gorda, Restaurant

The atmosphere and food were sensational. It was definitely one of the most memorable nights during our celebratory week on Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda, Cocomaya, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant

Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, Spanish Town, Restaurant, British Virgin Islands

We enjoyed our evening so much that we went two more times during our trip.

Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant

Sadly, CocoMaya did not fare well during Irma and now the staff needs your help.

They have created a gofundme to help them make ends meet while no income is coming in.

They are working hard to get CocoMaya up and running so wonderful memories can be made again.

Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Irma Relief

Before Irma


Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant, Hurricane Relief

After Irma


Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant, Hurricane Relief

Before Irma


Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant, After Irma

After Irma


Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant, Hurricane Relief, After Irma

Cocomaya, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Restaurant, Hurricane Irma

Please consider donating. Any amount will help!


Castaway Crystal


(A big Thank You to Marta Garraus for sending me post Irma pictures)


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  1. Andy October 9, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Considering the rest of the buildings on Virgin Gorda, Coco Maya came out untouched, and they need handout from gofundme, nice going guys from Coco Maya, you should be grateful and help others a little, shame……

  2. Casey Alexander October 10, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    You’re right Andy everyone does need help but no one needs your negativity so take your attitude elsewhere. The whole island has no water or electricity and yes everyone is struggling. My mother in law and a lot of other family members live there and trust me they will make it without your comments. My uncle is the chef at CoCo Maya and needs a paycheck like everyone else. Trust me everyone will make it just fine without you or your negativity. ✌🏼

  3. aaron November 9, 2017 at 11:54 am

    Andy, not sure if you have been here or where your information was sourced. All of the 30 staff we employ at CocoMaya were effected badly by Irma and Maria. Some completely lost their homes and have been displaced. We set up a gofundme page for our staff to assist them during the rebuild. 100% of the funds were split between them. Myself (owner of CocoMaya) and most of our staff were involved in VGROC and were particularly involved in initially assisting the whole community get food and water with setting up distribution centers on VG using aid that was shipped in from donors. I am proud of our staff that were and some still are cooking for community centers and community groups and schools as well as organizing and cooking for community events at St Thomas bay.
    CocoMaya committed a lot of time, space and man hours to achieve these things – whilst all of our homes and lives were ripped apart.
    We still have staff involved in clean up all over the community. All of us are trying to do our bit, whilst rebuilding our lives.
    CocoMaya is now open and we are trying to do our best to remain open in the future…. Virgin Gorda is still in recovery and will be for some time but it is refreshing to see the likes of our staff and others in the community, literally working their asses of to assist the whole community in rebuild. Your comments are incorrect, your words unwarranted as we strive to move forward.

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