Find Out Why Luxury Caribbean Villas Are Off The Charts

Expansive ocean views, infinity pools, game rooms, plush furnishings, a personal chef and wait staff–this is life in a luxury Caribbean villa. Not bad right?

I love staying at hotels but renting a villa in the Caribbean is a completely different vibe. In my experience, when staying in a villa you just feel closer to the island. More of a home type of feeling.

If you like to really treat yourself, there’s no shortage of luxury villas just waiting for you to indulge in. From Grand Cayman to Barbados and all islands in between, just pick a destination you want to soak in. Caribbean luxury vacations don’t have to be the stuff of dreams, simply live life by using my favorite hashtag and #JustGo!

I was browsing this website of luxury Caribbean villas and my mouth literally kept falling open. Photo after photo, villa after villa, island after island; I was powerless to stop the word “wow” from falling out of my face. It happened so much Castaway Crystal had to come into the office to see what I was looking at. Then once she saw a few photos of these villas, she was sucked in by the unbelievable beauty as well.

“I want to go! I want to go!” …she kept shouting.

We sat there for nearly 45 minute just browsing the villa photos. Day dreaming and wondering in amazement that homes like this exist and that they are actually available to rent. Here are few of the photos that caught our eye.

Caribbean Villa Rentals

St. John Villa Rental

Caribbean Villa Rentals

Caribbean Villa Rentals

Caribbean Villa Rentals

Caribbean Villa Rentals

Caribbean Villa Rentals

Caribbean Villa Rentals

I’m a pretty simple guy and would be happy with a studio apartment any place in the Caribbean. But after seeing some of these villas, I can’t help thinking what it would be like to throw open the doors to my own private room and look out over a zero-edge pool that seems to spills into the sea. Then having a seat at an outdoor table and being served breakfast by a personal chef and wait staff that will take care of your every need. Now that is luxury.

While these type of villas don’t come cheap, there are ways to make them more affordable. For one you could always travel in Low Season. Low Season is generally April to October. During these months you could expect to see prices 35% less than high season. Another way to make luxury villa stays more affordable is to travel with a group. Some of these villas have 5, 6, and 7 bedrooms. Plenty of room to invite friends and family, splitting the cost in the process.

If price is no concern, then rent one of these villas for a private getaway. Imagine just you and your special someone relaxing poolside as your private bartender makes sure your island beverage is never empty. It’s an escape you’ll remember forever.

Caribbean luxury vacations are life changing experiences. I can tell you that if I stayed in one of those villas, my life would definitely be changed. I’d probably be so spoiled nothing else would ever be good enough! Nah, not really, but it sure would be an island day dream come true.

If you ever do rent a villa like any pictured here, just remember to invite me! I’ll be more than happy to be your private bartender, just save me a room.




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  1. NancieM December 10, 2016 at 8:29 am

    I know where the second picture was taken… a home above Peter Bay looking towards Cinnamon Bay. I could never afford to stay there but sure do enjoy the pics! Thanks for all you do to bring us closer to the Caribbean!

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    Good eye NancieM! You know STJ well. Cheers!

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