After one sip, you’ll be blown away.

It must be a slow news cycle here in Florida. We have a tropical depression #9 hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico right now. This storm is causing water cooler talk at work and news stations are pushing it to the lead story. Have we Floridians gone soft?

Florida has seen some pretty serious storms and we have always taken them in stride. But it seems that since we haven’t had even a minor hurricane in quite a few years, even unnamed tropical storms make the headlines now. I’ve even seen people posting updates on Facebook about stocking up on storm provisions (beer, rum, water) in case it hits.

Provisioning Castaway style is definitely something I can get behind though.

While I don’t believe in freaking out over non-issues, I do like planning for storm parties. That’t why I thought this week’s boat drink recipe would be super relevant. It’s called the Cruzan Tropical Storm and it will make you forget about the wind and rain for a few hours.

Cruzan Tropical Storm

Created by top Miami mixologist Teddy Collins


  • 2 parts Cruzan Aged Dark Rum
  • 1 part Fresh Mango Juice
  • 1 part Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Mixing Instructions: In a cocktail shaker, combine Cruzan Aged Dark Rum, fresh lemon juice and fresh mango juice. Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously for 8 seconds. Immediately strain into an ice filled tiki mug. Top with 2 dashes of bitters and sprinkle a pinch of crushed black peppercorn, to taste. Garnish with a fresh mint spring and tiki umbrella skewered with a maraschino cherry and fresh mango slice. Raise glass and toast!

While the name may conjure thoughts of strong winds and torrential rain, this rum drink recipe is a simple blast of fruit flavors that will have you thinking more of sun drenched beaches instead of tropical storms.


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