New RumShopRyan Caribbean Castaway Koozies!

They’ve been a long time coming, but the new RumShopRyan Caribbean Castaway koozies are finally here. These have the new logo on them and the branded hashtag of #JustGo to help give you a little nudge to take that Caribbean trip you’ve been dreaming about.

The koozies come in three colors as you can see; black, white, and lime green. You can call one yours for only $5. Owning a Castaway Koozie tells everyone that you love the island lifestyle and know how to relax. That’s what being a Castaway is all about.

Caribbean Castaway

Like the original Castaway koozies, these have the same magical power to keep your beer ice cold even on the hottest of days. I’ve been told they even make your drink taste better!

Okay okay, they aren’t magical. They’re just simple koozies. I’m not really into over hyping products, especially my own. If you want one, awesome. If you don’t, no worries. I’ll raise a glass to you either way.

RumShopRyan Koozies


RumShopRyan Koozies

Cheers and thank you!


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