The Top 7 Beaches on St. Thomas

The island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands has many excellent beaches to choose from, so finding the right one for your tastes shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll find that the entire island is pretty much ringed with beaches, so find a few stunning swaths of sand shouldn’t be an issue.

Though some of the best spots are attached to resort properties, you can still enjoy them. Many resorts even have parking set aside for the public. While the hotels can prohibit anyone but guests from using the pool or the beach chairs and hammocks, they cannot make you leave the beach. So enjoy!

Brewer’s Bay

Brewers Bay St Thomas

Brewer’s Bay Beach is located next to the University of the Virgin Islands, just northwest of the airport. It is a great place to grab a sea shell or two and soak in the Caribbean sun. Food trucks on the road in front of the beach sell local treats like johnny cakes, saltfish as well as burgers.

Bolongo Bay

Bolongo Bay St Thomas

Bolongo Bay is a beach that’s close to my heart. As the location for my three Castaway Beach Bashes, this beach and the Bolongo Bay Resort will give you cherished memories as it has me.

If you’re looking for a St Thomas beach that is quiet and relaxing, yet full of fun water sports options and a kick ass beach bar, then Bolongo Bay Beach is what you need. Bolongo Bay Beach is found on the southern coast of St Thomas between Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook. It’s all fun in the sun at Bolongo Bay, and some of the packages at the resort include kayaks, snorkel gear, a dive shop, and of course Iggies Beach Bar.

Hull Bay


Want to explore St. Thomas like a local, then find your way to Hull Bay. Hull Bay is one of those relatively unknown beaches on the islands that few known about save for the locals who cherish it. Located on the island’s north shore, Hull Bay is scenic and fairly quiet with a calm surf and jagged bay.

The white sand beach is the most obvious and attractive element of the backdrop, lined by grape trees offering visitors shade to lounge in. There are several places to park (especially on weekdays and outside of peak season when parking near the water is possible), a small bar and restaurant that offers occasional live music.

Magens Bay

Megans Bay

If you’ve heard people talk about St. Thomas beaches, more than likely they are talking about Magens Bay. Known as one of the Top 10 beaches in the Caribbean, Magens Bay Beach — on the north side of the island — has a host of amenities to go along with its calm blue water. Because of its famous beauty, Megans Bay is popular with the cruise ship crowd. So if you like peace and quiet, go early or go late.

Though you’ll pay an entrance fee, the amenities are worth the price: three restrooms, a beach bar and snack bar, a wheelchair ramp, lots of parking and pavilions to rent. A boutique sells swimsuits and T-shirts, and you can also rent chairs. Kayaks, paddle boats and sunfish can be rented by the hour, too. The 1-mile stretch of white sand has picnic tables, lifeguards, and plenty of shade.

Secret Harbor

Secret Harbor St Thomas

Secret Harbor on the southeast end of the island has calm water and soft white sand. Visitors will find lots of colorful fish in the waters, so grab a snorkel mask and explore the coral reef on the right side of the beach for some of the best snorkeling on the island.

A small hotel on the beach provides chairs and hammocks — but for hotel guests only. A beach bar and restaurant offer food and drink; bathrooms and outdoor rinse showers are available as well.

Coki Bay


Coki Bay Beach is next to Coral World Ocean Park on the eastern end of the island. This picture perfect Caribbean oasis has vendors selling food and drinks from brightly painted wooden shacks. You can rent beach chairs or snorkeling gear, and newly renovated bathhouses are easily accessible.

Snorkeling right off the beach is one of the more popular things to do at Coki Beach in St Thomas, and for those who want to explore the underwater realm even more, there is also a dive shop on-site. For those who are qualified divers, guided dive tours can be enjoyed. There are even dive classes available for kids, which helps to make Coki Beach a family-friendly place. Also helping to make it family-friendly is the aforementioned Coral World

Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach St Thomas

Much of the allure revolves around Sapphire Beach‘s soft sands and its enticing activity options. The snorkeling is especially good, thanks in part to the reefs that are found off the right side of the beach.

Sapphire is a wide beach that provides plenty of room for visitors to stretch out and soak in the suns warm rays. To go along with all the room there is a host of activities you can enjoy as well. In addition to snorkeling and windsurfing, the activity options at Sapphire Beach include sunbathing, swimming, and kayaking. Thanks to a nearby marina, visitors can also look to go parasailing or rent a jet ski. When your finished out on the water grab a bite to eat and a rum punch at the Sapphire Beach Resort.

St. Thomas is a popular port of call and vacation destination for many people. For many, a beach is one of the first places they search out. I hope this list helps lead you to paradise.

If you have another St. Thomas beach that you love, leave a comment below.


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    Lindquist or Magens!

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    RumShopRyan December 3, 2015 at 8:06 am

    Magens is amazing, haven’t made it to Lindquist yet. I probably should have made the list but I ran out of room! Cheers!

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    Very well done on the Listing… There’s a few more Beaches on St. Thomas, Looks lik you gotta go back to the Beautiful Island again to do over this List lol

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  4. Greg September 20, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Magens is the real gem and the most popular beach destination for visitors, but it can be pretty busy. If you’re looking for a quieter and less busy location, Lindquist and Brewer’s are often great options. I always recommend going where the locals go, which means the more secluded or lesser known beaches. In some cases, though, you may not have access to all the same amenities or options for rentals and food you have at Magens. I recommend the local’s guide to the best beaches in St. Thomas at There is more information on all the beaches in St. Thomas and what you can expect at each one. There are a lot of other great articles and tips there as well. By the way, if you visit Magens, you should also drive or book a tour up to Mountain Top for an amazing view overlooking the bay. Seeing it from above adds to the whole experience, and you can grab a daquiri and visit Drake’s Seat as well.

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    I would need to check the best accessible place among all these, I have a son and he cannot walk so we will plan a tour according to him.

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