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They say the best places to see and things to do take a little work. If they were easy, everyone would be there and doing it. This week’s Caribbean Wrap Up has this type of theme.

The subject matters included; nude beaches, Carriacou, moving to the Caribbean, Mona Island, and rare rare rum. Nude beaches aren’t for everyone, but those who do it love the freedom. Carriacou is a off-the-beaten-path paradise that’s just north of Grenada and take a little work to get to. Moving to the Caribbean may sound like rainbows and butterflies, but it will take some adjusting. Mona Island is a rugged island preserve between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic that takes a major commitment to explore. Then there’s sipping a rare rum, a bragging right you’ll enjoy with only a few others.

Put it a little work and the rewards will come.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The 10 Best Caribbean Nude Beaches: Going to a nude beach is something of an art. And there are varying degrees of what it means to be au naturel in the Caribbean, from skinny dipping at night to Hedonism. Some of the beaches are public, some are private, but at any au naturel beach or beach resort the important thing is that it has to feel secure, safe and comfortable. And that’s what makes the Caribbean such a perfect place for it. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Grenada – So, You’re Hungry in Carriacou: Back to the topic at hand, so you’re hungry in Carriacou, but where should you eat? One option could be… –Story by Uncover Your Caribbean

20 Things You Learn When You Move To The Caribbean: Ahh, the Caribbean life. Many people dream of it and some of us are actually fortunate enough to live it. This little list has been circulating Facebook for the past few days, and we thought we’d share some of our favorites with all of you. It’s about some of the things you learn when you move to the Caribbean. Enjoy. –Story by News of St. John

Mona Island 101 – A Primer: Mona Island, or Isla de Mona, is often referred to as the Galápagos of the Caribbean. It is a natural, uninhabited island, surrounded by crystal clear water, coral reefs, soaring cliffs, ample marine life, and the occasional white-sand beach. Top-side, the island is filled with caves, historically significant artifacts, and endemic plants and animals, some of which are endangered. –Story by PuertoRicoDayTrips.com

A Very Rare, Very Old, Very Good Caribbean Rum: There aren’t many rums like this. This is La Flibuste, the pride of the La Favorite distillery outside of Fort de France in Martinique. It is, simply, a special rhum agricole. –Story by Caribbean Journal


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