Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

This week’s Caribbean wrap up crisscrosses the islands in search of the best hotels in Havana and the Turks and Caicos, islands for sale in the Exumas, and uncovering the secrets of Martinique. So many islands so little time, the wrap up helps to give you a taste of the islands in small flirtatious bite size pieces. Enjoy!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The Best Hotels in Turks and Caicos: Think top Turks and Caicos resorts and you probably think of high-priced hotels in the tourist hub of Providenciales. Think again. Our picks for the best hotels in the TCI aren’t all expensive and they aren’t all on Provo. But they are all terrific Turks and Caicos stays. –Story by Caribbean Journal

New Coral Bay, St. John Webcam Debuts: Christian Wheatley, a fantastic photographer here on St. John, just launched a new webcam. It has great views of Coral Bay, the East End and several of the British Virgin Islands. –Story by News of St. John

Top 10 – The Best Havana Hotels: Havana, Cuba’s capital, remains hypnotic and its hotel accommodation is a myriad delight of converted baroque palaces, modern high-rises, seaside crash pads and historic piles. For now the country remains largely unchanged and still offers an escape from the Western world. But international hotel chains are circling. –Story by

A $90 Milllion Caribbean Island: It’s the ultimate dream of ultimate dreams: your own private Caribbean mega-island. And Cave Cay is it. The 222-acre island just might be the most expensive private island listed in the Caribbean for sale, set in the heart of the Bahamas’ Exumas chain near the famous Musha Cay retreat. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Best Kept Secrets in Martinique:  Today, vacationers can get in on this best kept secret of Martinique either by booking an organized excursion or going on their own by flagging down a fisherman at the waterfront in Le François and asking for a lift. -Story by

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