Key West Express Drink Contest – Win Two Tickets!

Rum and the sea fit together like to two dancers locked in a sexy rhythm of movement. Is that too dramatic? Nah, we are Castaways, we love our smooth rum and blue blue waters.

Because rum and the sea fit together so well, I have teamed up with the Key West Express to send two cocktail enthusiasts to the Conch Republic on aboard one of their fast ferries. Getting to Key West really is half the fun when you fly across the Gulf waters on the Key West Express. It’s even better when the boat is serving the drink you created and you’re traveling for free!

Wanna go?

The Key West Express Cocktail Contest

Put your mixologist hat on, because I want you to invent a new cocktail that relates to Key West or the Key West Express. Give it a clever name, list out the ingredients and tell me how to mix it. Is there a story behind your drink? I want to hear about that too!

Staff from the Key West Express and myself will pick 5 finalists. We will then conduct a taste test on Ft. Myers Beach and pick the winning cocktail. Oh, yes there will be pictures of the taste testing that we will proudly share. It’s tough work, but some body has to do it.

The winning cocktail creator will receive 2 free Key West Express tickets and will join me on a fantastic ferry trip to Key West. The winner will have their drink featured and advertised on the boat and I’ll be there to take pictures that will be posted on RumShopRyan and Key West Express social sites.

How to Enter

Place your newly created cocktail recipe below in the comment section or on the RumShopRyan Facebook page. Entries will be accepted for one week (June 24th-July 1st). The cocktail recipes will be compiled and 5 finalists will be chosen. A live taste test will be held and the winner announced  on July 8th.

We would ideally like the winner to take the boat down to Key West sometime in the next two months. Though the tickets will be good till the end of the year, expiring December 20th.

Note: tickets have no cash value, non-transferable and employees of Key West Express or RumShopRyan are not able to participate.

Cruising on down to Key West TownDo you know where this boat is going? I do and I wish I was on it! Key West Express

Posted by RumShopRyan – Caribbean Escape Blog on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to see what types of drink recipes you come up with. Be creative, relate it to Key West or the Key West Express and make it taste like paradise! Rum and the sea, it’s a perfect blend of happiness.


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  1. Patricia Dean Paulson June 24, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    5 shots to the wind! 🙂 one shot good dark rum (I like Mount Gay,but your fave is just fine),one shot fresh squeezed Florida orange juice,one shot Pineapple juice,one shot of coconut water(freshly tapped nut is best),and one shot of Coconut rum..mix up in shaker~Or Stir it Up 😉 Pour over ice,and garnish with a slice of good Ole Key Lime…I was in Key West some years back,at a nightclub show with my sister in law..there was a lady that had to be escorted out,because she had quite a few too many libations,Lol…Man! I said that woman was 5 shots to the wind! Obviously I had had a few adult beverages myself,and meant to say she was 3 sheets to rhe wind…I knew it came out wrong as soon as I said it,Lol..when I got home I created 5 Shots to the Wind~the most delectable of Key West concoctions! 🙂

  2. Teri Bauermeister June 24, 2015 at 9:29 pm

    My drink is called a Sunburn..
    I use a Margaretta machine but a blender is fine.
    Mix pins a third of blender with Pins Collata Mix..splash of Orange juice..Splash of grenadine..dark rum..I like Salor Jerry 90 proof Rum and ice!! Mix. Pour into a Large pitcher and add shot floaters of 151 white rum. ..Shazam!!
    We live in Port Clinton,Ohio along. The Lake Erie Shores..then Florida for winters
    This drink is so refreshing and pretty to serve in beautiful glasses!

  3. Cheryl June 25, 2015 at 9:00 am

    My favorite drink is called a Sparkling Key Lime Pie!

    1.5 oz (1 shot) of whipped cream flavored vodka
    1.5 oz regular vodka (I like the good stuff)
    6 oz soda water
    1 oz. fresh lime juice
    .5 oz simple syrup (or you can use 1.5 oz of a good margarita mix — I like margaritavile mix)

    Light and refreshing, not too sweet.

    Serve over ice and be careful – they go down easy! Also, if you take away the soda water makes an excellent shot!

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  5. Chris Lang June 28, 2015 at 11:24 am

    The perfect cocktail for an early morning ferry ride to Key West uses Florida Keys ingredients, Papa’s Pilar Dark and Baby’s coffee.It helps take the edge off last night’s festivities while getting you ready for a day on the Rock.
    I love starting my weekend mornings with a Papa Joe, combining 11/2 oz of rum in a 8oz black coffee and agave nectar to taste….in fact I’m enjoying one now as I write this.

  6. […] is the last day to submit your drink recipe for the Key West Express Drink Contest. Tomorrow I’ll be compiling all the recipe and getting with the staff of the Key West Express […]

  7. Jeff Clear July 1, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    simple to make: It is called Spiced Nuts

    1ounce spiced rum
    3 ounces coconut water
    Garnish with lime wedge

  8. Nick Decker July 1, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    I’ve tried this with 10 cane rum, Malibu, and a few others. I like the 10 cane the best. It started off with brisk lipton iced tea. It was pretty refreshing as all I had was Malibu and stopped at a gas station and picked up some BRISK!

    Over time I’ve tried it out with a few different teas. I like a homemade tea, but for the bars sake, I’m sure there are some sort of green tea they can get(Lipton most likely).

    Ice in the glass. Pour your 10 cane in, squeeze a bit of lemon in there — NO SEEDS — then pour in your green tea.

    Adventurous? Splash in some Grand Mariner or Cointreau. This adds a nice orangey flavor to it.

    Give a nice shake, top off with a lemon and orange slice… and what you have there is a ‘Success With Express’ — Which seemed better than what I originally called it (just like that commercial… ‘THATS BRISK!)

    So, there is my entry!

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