Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

I just love it Friday slaps me in the face. A busy week flies by, and the next thing you know it’s Friday, how did that happen? SLAP!

This week’s Caribbean Wrap Up will tease with you the world’s most expensive rums, take you on a beach bar tour of Pinel Island off St. Martin, dazzle you with the night moves of the Bahamas Rum Festival, take you through Marigot Bay on St. Lucia, and put you out to sea for a sunset celebration in Grenada.

Care to be inspired? Read the following. Cheers.

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

The 10 Most Expensive Rums in the World: The Spirit Business published its list of the 10 most expensive rums in the world Tuesday and there are some very interesting ones included.  –Story by Bahama Bob

St Martin’s Beach Bar Island: Here on Pinel Island, there is little — no roads, no cars, no hotels; just an idyllic stretch of sand and a snorkeling trail and, most importantly, two classic beach bars: Yellow Beach and Karibuni. –Story by Caribbean Journal

Festival Rum Bahamas After Dark: Nighttime transformed Festival Rum Bahamas into an entirely different experience. Maybe it was the rum. Maybe it was the Bahamian moonlight. But, after dark, the pirates appeared more sinister, the stilt walkers seemed taller, the food smelled more enticing, the music sounded richer and the rum flowed more freely (I am sure it was not my imagination). –Story by Caribbean Soul Trekkers

St. Lucia – Passing Through Marigot Bay: Even on a cloudy day St. Lucia shows off. Our affinity for this naturally glorious island does not stop at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat. It oh so excitedly carries over into the little gems that are found not so hidden among the sites. Like Marigot Bay for example. –Story by Uncover Your Caribbean

Sunset Sailing with Savvy: “This is the life.”  Those were the first words uttered by visiting journalist from Germany while on board.  Just to the left, a row of colorful fishing boats danced dreamily on the lagoon.  Further out, the vehicles seemed to move in slow motion as they passed along the winding road of the historic town of St. George.  The other side exuded a totally different feeling.  All you could see were elegant mega yachts, each portraying a persona of their own.  –Story by Pure Grenada

If you would like to include any Caribbean stories please leave a comment below or email me your story. Thank you!


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