Sand. Sun. Music. Rum. Bikinis. Boardshorts. Chesney. Zac Brown. Jake Owen. Bikinis. Ocean. SPF. Sweat. Fort Lauderdale. Florida. Corona.

There’s no beach party like the Tortuga Music Festival.

Just imagine all the words mentioned above melted together in a sea of musical bliss. That’s what a ticket at the Tortuga Music Festival on Ft. Lauderdale beach gets you.

The only thing better than going to this epic beach party is going for FREE!

Yes Castaways, I’m giving away two tickets to the Tortuga Music Festival. Who wants to go?!

It’s free to enter, simply click here.

Tortuga fest tickets


The two tickets that are being given away are general admission and valued at $165 per ticket for the two-day event.

Entry in the giveaway will last for two weeks, February 25th to March 11th. The winner will be announced March 13th.

The Tortuga Music Festival takes place April 11th & 12th on the sand of Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.

Tortuga Music Festival works hand in hand with the Rock The Ocean Foundation to increase public awareness about the issues impacting the world’s oceans and to support scientific research, education and ocean conservation initiatives.

For more information about the festival please visit their website at

Good luck in the ticket giveaway Castaways! I hope to see you on the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful as we celebrate being Knee Deep, all singing Island Songs as Pirate Flags wave in the Coastal breeze. We all are gonna wake up in the morning needing a Big Revival, saying, “Man, We Went Out Last Night.”


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