After one sip, you’ll be sailing for Tortuga.

The sun was shining, the Gulf was calm, rum was in hand, and better days were here.

Rainy days really bum me out, especially when it’s beautiful all work week long and the weather decides to turn into sour overcast mess on the weekend. That’s exactly what happened this past weekend when I was planning to film this video. Saturday was a nasty miserable day, but the Boat Drink Gods smiled and gave us a glorious Sunday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I met up with some friends on the Sanibel Causeway Islands to worship the sun and create a special drink for you Castaways. The drink, or shot I should say, is called a Rum Cake Shot and was created by Genuinely Bahamian Products.

If you’ve never sunk your teeth into a delicious Tortuga Rum Cake, then this shot will give you a taste of what you’re missing.

Boat Drinks: Rum Cake Shot Recipe

Rum Cake Shot Recipe

Ingredients (Makes 3-4, 2 ounce shots)

  • 2oz. Tortuga Spice Rum
  • 2oz. Tortuga Vanilla Rum
  • 2oz. Rum Cream
  • Splash of Half & Half
  • Splash Vanilla Extract
  • Teaspoon Cinnamon

Mixing Instructions: Add all ingredients to mixing glass with ice. Shake well then strain into 2 ounce shot glass. Raise glass and toast.

You can of course switch out the Tortuga Rums for a preferred spiced and vanilla rum, I know the Tortuga rum brand can be hard find in the states.

Genuinely Bahamian Products and I were serving these Rum Cake Shots during the Rum Bahamas Festival and they were a huge hit. I figured why not bring that hit home and share it with all of you!

If you’re in Nassau you get grab all these ingredients at Bay Street Station, just a couple blocks from the cruise docks right on Bay Street.


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