Ahhhh, another addition of the Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up. This week’s feature stories include the rebirth of Montserrat, an ultimate Mojito recipe from our favorite Key West bartender Bahama Bob, and a look at the amazing Caneel Bay Resort.

One story that is near and dear to my heart is the Top 10 Barbados Rum Shops by Totally Barbados. Obviously this site is named after rum shops, so any time I see a good story about them I feel compelled to share. Barbados is king of the Caribbean rum shop scene and has oodles more than 10, but this list attempts to name the top hangouts on the island. If you have a favorite rum shop that isn’t listed, please leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Top 10 Barbados Rum Shops: With so many rum shops to choose from Totally Barbados has selected a few that are worth the drive to find and some of the livelier ones located on the South Coast of Barbados. This list is not conclusive nor are they in any order to suggest one is better than another, especially if some didn’t make our top 10. –Story by Totally Barbados

The Rebirth of Montserrat:  Almost 19 years after the volcano that devastated half the island and destroyed its capital city, Plymouth, the British Overseas Territory has big plans: a new capital, a new port and a new life as a tourism destination. – Story by CaribbeanJournal.com

Spotlight on Caneel Bay Resort: Uniquely situated within the Virgin Islands National Park on St John’s world-renowned North Shore, lies Caneel Bay Resort. The Resort’s 170 tropical acres are the legacy of its founder, Laurance Rockefeller and share his desire to protect this wonderful natural environment. –Story by OnIslandTimes.com

Uncommon Attraction: Bubble Beach Spa, Dominica: Highlighted by a low makeshift wall of rocks forming a small, shallow pool along the shoreline, Bubble Beach was created by a local man named Dale Mitchell so that people could better take advantage of the incredibly warm sulphur spring bubbling up from the ground here. –Story by UncommonCaribbean.com

Bahama Bob’s Ultimate Mojito: I was fooling around with an idea I had for an ultimate mojito in the Rum Lab the other day, when I hit upon this recipe.   I was looking for a premium mojito rather than another flavored one, so here is what came out of the efforts. –Story by Bahama Bob’s Rumstyles

If you would like to include any Caribbean new please leave a comment below or email your story. Thank you!


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