Are you a musical person? Can you play guitar and carry a tune?

Those are a couple of skills I wish I had. I’m working on the guitar part, but the singing will never happen. My singing voice sounds like a dog being beat with a broom. Not good to say the least.

When you see videos like this one of Mishka performing on the his European, it’s hard not be be inspired. He produces his trademark smooth rhythms and flowing lyrics so effortlessly, that even the audience of non-native English speaking people (or perhaps no English at all) can easily enjoy the music. Thy say good music can be understood in any language.

Mishka has been touring Portugal, Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands before heading to the US. Here is a great video shot just the other night of Mishka performing his song, One Tree.

Mishka – One Tree


Keep spreading those island reggae tunes Mishka.

Cheers Castaways!

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