Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean

Baring it all on a beach with strangers all around you might sound like a frightening experience, but to many other cultures the birthday suit is common beach attire. The Caribbean has many well known nude beaches, you just have to know which islands allow the all over tan and which ones don’t.

If a nude beach is on your bucket list, then look to the French and Dutch islands like St. Barths, St. Martin and Martinique. Other island countries such as the Bahamas, USVI and BVI are more conservative and frown on nude sunbathing.

Our friend Bob Curley at Caribbean Travel put together a list of the best nude beaches in the Caribbean. If you’re looking to show off what the good lord gave you on a sandy beach in the Caribbean then one of these beaches is a good place to start. Just promise to use ample amounts of SPF 50!

Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean

Orient Beach, St. Martin
Grand Saline and Gouverneur Beach, St. Barths
Point Tarare, Guadeloupe
Hawksbill Bay, Antigua
Seven Mile Beach, Negril-Jamaica

Click here to see a description on each of these nude Caribbean beaches from Caribbean Travel.

Have you bared it all (or topless) on a nude beach in the Caribbean or anywhere else? Is it something that you want to experience? Tell us about it below!


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