Happier Than Billionaires in Costa Rica – EX-PATS Episode

Two successful chiropractor were fed up with their unhealthy lifestyles in the New Jersey, so the couple sold everything and moved to Costa Rica. Rob and Nadine Pisani are the focus of this episode of the EX-PATS from the Reserve Channel.

Host Savannah Jane Buffett joins Rob and Nadine and learns why they decided it was time leave it all behind and start over in Costa Rica. We all have days, weeks, or maybe even years where we want to say, “F*** it, it’s time for a change.” The next step is actually doing it.

EX-PATS Episode 12 – Happier Than Billionaires in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Expats

Five years after leaving the rat race and living in the Costa Rica they are happier than ever and planning to build a home there. Rob is in a band, Nadine has written a book, and who knows what else life is going to bring them, all because they had the courage to follow their hearts. There’s nothing more inspiring to me.

Do you have plans to become an expat?


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  1. Life in Costa Rica - International Living August 24, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Awesome story. It shows that it really is possible to “start all over” with a new life in Costa Rica no matter what your budget. You just have to make that leap. Great views of north Pacific coast of the country as well.

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