When we see our favorite musicians play the songs we love, what we are seeing is the end result of a long creative process. Many hours were spent coming up with the lyrics and the melody, then many more practicing each song. The creative process, and the stories behind the songs are what most of us don’t get to see. So when we do get to see a video like the one below , one that shows us this behind the curtain look, it makes the connection we have with the musician so much stronger.

Mailboat Records released this little behind the scenes video of Jimmy Buffett and Mishka a couple months ago. In the video you’ll hear Jimmy tell the fascinating story of how he and Mishka met many many years ago in the Caribbean on St. Barths. You’ll hear Jimmy play a verse from his “Chanson pour les petits enfants,” a song that was inspired by their meeting.

Buffett and Mishka also pair up to sing part of Mishka’s new hit, “Ocean is My Potion.” The two casually sing the song in a intimate jam session. These are the type of closed door creative sessions that are so cool to see if you can. Thank you Mailboat Records for giving us this at to great artists.

Jimmy Buffett & Mishka

Pretty cool to see them just chilling out, not performing for mass audiences. Just a couple guys telling their stories and putting some music to it. Simple, amazing, real.

You can listen to Mishka’s new EP album, “Ocean Is My Potion” here on iTunes.


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