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It’s been over a week since I saw the Abaco Islands fade from the window of the small plane that returned me to reality. Each day since I catch myself thinking back on my time in Hope Town. The people, the beaches, the food, the blue water, the pastel homes, the beaches, the conch, the beautiful Elbow Reef Lighthouse, the rum drinks, the beaches–did I mention the beaches?

Hope Town and Elbow Cay sit on the far eastern side of the northern Bahamas. The beaches that face the open Atlantic are covered in a soft pink and white sand, much like its famous neighbor to the south in Eleuthera, Harbour Island. The beach at Hope Town Lodge, the resort where I stayed, is covered in this glorious pink sand, but that’s not what today’s Island Lime Video is about. First I want to take you to a beach that blew me away.  Today we travel south, to the end of the road on Elbow Cay. Here sits one of the most beautiful beaches these eyes have seen. Let me introduce you to the world famous Tahiti Beach.

There are many reasons why I miss Elbow Cay, one of them is the stunning Tahiti Beach. Tahiti Beach is located on the southern tip of Elbow Cay. The current rushes in from Tilloo Cut and carries with it tons of sand that over time has built up into a shallow beach paradise that stretches nearly as far as you can see. During low tide you can almost walk to the next closest island, toes sinking into the tropical sand the entire way. Heaven.

Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay – Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Here are a few photos from Tahiti Beach. As good as cameras are these days they still don’t do justice to places like this.

Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay Bahamas

Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay Bahamas

Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay Bahamas

Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay Bahamas

Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay Bahamas

Tahiti Beach Elbow Cay Bahamas

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So that’s the world famous Tahiti Beach. It’s best to catch it at low tide so you can walk the sand bank and explore what the tide left behind. The crowds usually appear mid-afternoon and you’ll see dozens of boats pull on to the sand, enjoy their rum drinks and soak in the liquid wonderland that is Tahiti Beach and The Bahamas.

Have you been to Tahiti Beach? I would love to hear your story.

Man I wish I was there right now!


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    Thanks Pam. Just trying to share the world I love so much. Everyone needs a little salt in their veins. Cheers!

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    Heading to Hope Town again tomorrow, it wont be the same without you and Susie. Wish I had more stickers!!!! I’ll send pics.

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    Have fun Kim! I wish I was there as well. Be sure to tell Loui, Ruthie and of course Bryan I said hi! Cheers to those sweet sweet memories.

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