Sean Kingston – Island Queen: Salt Life Sound

Here’s another sweet reggae song for your island playlist. The song is called Island Queen by Sean Kingston. I’ll be honest, I’m not a Sean Kingston fan. For whatever reason his music just never struck a cord with me. Then the other day I was listening to No Shoes Radio, like I do everyday, and I heard this song called Island Queen come on. I sat their and let the reggae flow into me. Head nodding, feet tapping. I couldn’t help but move to the beat.

After that first introduction, I looked the song up on YouTube and listened to it a few more times. Each time growing more and more fond of the song. It didn’t take long to know that it was download material and would make a nice addition to my “Beach” playlist.

Here is the song. Give it a listen and see if download material.

Island Queen – Sean Kingston

Click here to make Island Queen part of your playlist.
Island Queen - Tomorrow

What do you think? I’m not sure if one song is going to turn me into a huge Sean Kingston fan, but I might pay a little more attention to his songs when I hear them now.



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