Book Review: The Barefoot Bandit, by Bob Friel – A Modern Day Pirate Outlaw

From coast to coast, islands to islands, the Barefoot Bandit skipped across the United States out witting authorities every step of the way. Colton Harris-Moore stole, he lied, he broke dozens of laws yet seduced most people he met with his calm polite demeanor. This modern day pirate was on the lamb for almost 2 years stealing cars, boats, and his favorite…airplanes.

Author, journalist, and fellow island lover Bob Friel wrote the tell all book documenting the tale of teenage Colton Harris-Moore. Bob lives on peaceful Orcas Island which is located in Washington state’s Puget Sound. At least it was peaceful before the Barefoot Bandit made it his hunting grounds. He tracked Colton on his cross country crime spree and was there when the law finally caught up with the bandit in the Bahamas.

I wrote a story over a year ago about picking up a hitchhiker (it’s what you do on small islands) on Harbour Island and that guy told us the story of how he helped catch the Barefoot Bandit. At the time I didn’t know much about the story, but good guy Kenny Strachan filled me in on what became one of the biggest stories to ever come out of quiet Eleuthera and Harbour Island. You can read more about me meeting Kenny here.

Barefoot Bandit

Me with Kenny Strachan on Harbour Island

Bob Friel, being a former editor at Caribbean Travel & Life magazine knew the Bahamian islands well. He had contacts and all over the Abacos and Eleuthera where Colton crashed a plane, stole some boats and finally got nabbed. Those contacts helped put him right there, within minutes of when famous crime spree finally came to an end. He might have actually witnessed the capture if it weren’t for being awake for 36 hours and needing to take a nap. Suck it up Bob, you were right there!

The book, “The Barefoot Bandit: The True Tale of Colton Harris-Moore, New American Outlaw” dives into why Colton turned out they way he did. When you read the book and see what his family life was like you’ll understand. You may even be a little surprised he turned out as well as he did, for a criminal anyways. Hell he even had a Facebook page with over 100,000 fans on it with people routing for him and wishing him to be safe. It really is a unique tale, one that you can’t help but get caught up in.

If you’d like to grab the book and learn the tale of this modern day pirate you can grab it on Amazon here…

I’ve talked with author Bob Friel and he’d like to give away a couple signed books to some lucky Castaways. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at and I’ll put your name into the hat. In a week or so I’ll announce the winners.

How does a teenage kid evade capture on a small island, fly planes and crash them without having a pilots license, all while having people routing for him the whole time? Read the book to find out. You’ll enjoy it. I know I did.


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    I love stories like these, I have read of an Airplane Bandit in Canada… The apparently true story where Butch Cassidy survived Mexico and lived out his days writing his biography as if Cassidy spoke to another (then in the Mexican stand-off he drops into 1st person) and similar high-jinks of derring-do!

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