You have to go Mac’s. You’re going to Mac’s on Bequia right? Oh, if you don’t get the lobster pizza at Mac’s your going to kick yourself in the sensitive parts.

These are some of the things I’ve heard from people when I told them about my approaching trip to the Grenadines. We will be sailing to Bequia on the Diamant in a couple weeks and I believe Mac’s Pizzeria is on the schedule. My question to you is, is Mac’s worth the hype?

I’ve had some good pizza in my life, the best being a pie bought from a place on Duval Street in Key West a few years ago. I remember shoveling that pizza into my face late one night and nearly having a mouthgasm. I’m serious, this pizza was beyond good. Will Mac’s lobster pizza produce the same reaction? The jury is waiting. I’ve seen photos of this legendary pizza and it may have a chance to claim the title. I’ve never had such a pizza, the sweet combination of succulent lobster and traditional pizza flavors could easily induce the aforementioned mouthgasm.

Set along the Belmont Walkway, Mac’s has been serving up their legendary food for over 3 decades. I’ve already contacted Judy at Mac’s and let her know of the impending visit just to make sure they were ready for the pizza showdown. Ready they are.

If you’ve been to Mac’s Pizzeria on Bequia let me know what you thought! Look for my review in about a month.

(Lead photo by Davo via Flickr)


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