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Naples Florida is a go slow, charmingly beautiful city. No that’s not because it’s full of snow birds and retirees (well maybe), but because of its personality.  Home to world famous white sand beaches, block-sized mansions and meticulously manicured street medians that are lined with 7 different types of palms and majestic banyan trees, you can’t help but slow down and take in the beauty.

To me all this beauty comes together at the Naples Pier. Back in the day when Naples was just getting settled, the pier was the only way you could get to Naples. This week’s episode of Island Lime Videos was shot at the Naples Pier. You’ll see birds combing the sand, waves gliding ashore and be put into a trance by their rhythmic sounds.

The Naples Pier

A little history for you, the pier was built in 1888 as a freight and passenger dock, the Naples Pier stands as a community landmark. Narrow gauge train rails spanning the length of the pier transported freight and baggage in the early 1900’s. Part of the structure, as well as the post office located on the pier was torched by fire in 1922. Rebuilt after damage by hurricanes in 1910, 1926 and 1960, it remains a public symbol of the area’s history.

Enjoy your weekend Castaways! Cheers to you finding your Island Lime.


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