Sailing aboard a double masted tall ship is about magical as sailing gets. Now throw one of the most beautiful places on the face of the Earth into the mix, to good to be true? No way baby! Say hello to the Diamant of Island Windjammers Cruises.

Grab your sunscreen because we are heading to Grenada and sailing north into the Grenadines.

Welcome aboard Diamant, a 101’ brigantine schooner.  Built in 1978, Diamant has been well maintained and refurbished in order to sail you through the beautiful islands of the Grenadines. Diamant hosts an intimate group of twelve passengers in six air conditioned staterooms.

The good people of Island Windjammers were nice enough to invite me to spend 6 days aboard the Diamant. They also let me know that they have 1 or 2 cabins left on this cruise and the cruise that leave the very next week. Anyone who calls and mentions RUMSHOPRYAN get a special discount! Let me know if you’re interested in the cruise.

Our typical 6 night tall ship sailing cruise itinerary includes:

  • Sunday: Passengers board – Grenada
  • Monday: Sail to Carriacou, Sunset sail to Union Island
  • Tuesday: Sail to Bequia
  • Wednesday: Sail to Tobago Cays, Sunset sail to Mayreau
  • Thursday: Sunset sail to Carriacou or Union Island
  • Friday: Snorkel and swim at Sandy Island, Afternoon sail to Grenada
  • Saturday: Passengers disembark

The above itinerary is just an example of what you may experience on your Island Windjammers tall ship sailing cruise. The captain may make changes based upon the weather, local activities, and several other factors.


Grenadine Islands

Free rum, unspoiled Caribbean islands and a romantic wooden schooner…let’s go make some memories!


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