I love receiving photos of you Castaways wearing your “THE LIFE” t-shirts, Castaway hats, and keeping your drinks cold in RumShopRyan koozies. It’s absolutely awesome to see and if I could by all you guys a boat drink I would!

Here are some of the most recent “Castaways in the Wild” photos I’ve received. Thank you guys!

If you would like submit a photo simply go to the RumShopRyan Facebook page and upload a photo of yourself rockin’ some Castaway gear. It’s that simple.

I’m thinking about doing a Castaway hat photo contest, so make sure you have a hat! Shameless I know. The prize will be one of these fridge bottle openers and maybe a gift card to Margaritaville’s online store or Blue Chair Bay.

Here are this week’s Castaways in the Wild



Castaway Hat

Carla shines bright in her Lime Castaway hat!


Island hat

Soctt knows what to wear when attending a rum tasting!


Island hat

In good company, thanks Scott!


Island hat

Love this one from Robert C. in Aruba - Best name for a beer ever?


Island hat

Robert C. and his hat limin' at the Tap Room on St. John


Island hat

Robert C. and his Castaway hat on St. Kitts.

Thanks for all the great photos guys! Keep them coming everyone and I’ll feature you on our “Castaways in the Wild” series.

Have a great weekend!


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