You voted, now here is what you chose.

Last week I posted a list of daily activities for the St. Kitts Marriott Beach Blogger trip and had you guys vote on the activities you’d like to see me to do.

The Results are in!

Looks like you guys picked some great things to do. I do see the Spa treatment made its way on to the schedule in day one. I do have a lot of female readers, so I guess I have you ladies to thank for that. Facial here I come!¬† I’ve only had one spa experience in my life and that was at the Emerald Bay Beach Resort on Great Exuma in the Bahamas. The experience was…different. I’ll dive into that story another time.

St. Kitts Beach Blogger Itinerary

Day 1


Day 2

St. Kitts Brimstone Hill fort

St. Kitts Brimstone Hill Fortress

Day 3

St. Kitts Shiggidy Shack

St. Kitts Shiggidy Shack

I’ll be blogging multiple times a day to best give you the feeling that you’re right there with me. Lots of photos, lots of video and lots of rum drinks.

On day 4 I’m going to try and make it over to Nevis to visit the famous Sunshine’s Beach Bar and down a few of those Killer Bees. All in the name of research of course.


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