I’m guessing that most of us, when we’re not working, are chillaxing in a comfortable t-shirt, pair of shorts and our favorite pair of flip flops. If it wasn’t for my day job I would probably never wear real shoes.

The newest member to the RSR family of advertisers is a company that built its entire business around the art of relaxing and drinking cocktails. Not a bad business model right? Their motto is “Travel Global, Drink Local.” Let me introduce you to Team Cocktail. If you aren’t already familiar with Team Cocktail, go grab a cold drink and keep reading. That’s what they would want.


RumShopRyan Castaways get a special discount! Lean more about this at the bottom.


I had the chance to interview Team Cocktail a couple months back. Lots of entertaining information about the company and its team members. You can read the interview here.


The inspiration to start a company can come from a lot of places.  Well ours came from the white sand beaches of the Caribbean.  It was here that the Team Cocktail founders decided that life is best enjoyed in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops…and with a drink in hand.  From that starting point we were determined to produce high quality beach and cocktail inspired t-shirts, clothing, and accessories.


What can you expect to find on TeamCocktail.com? You will find men’s and women’s t-shirts, shorts, polo shirts, shorts, flip flops, board shorts, koozies and more. Here are a few photos of some great TC gear. Tons more on their site.
Rum T shirt

Rum - Pour It, Punch It, Drink It

Team Cocktail

Men's Button Down Palm Tree Shirt

Team Cocktail Koozies

Team Cocktail Slap Koozies


This is just a small sample of the Team Cocktail gear that’s available. If you go to TeamCocktail.com you’ll see their entire line of great cocktail and island gear. So much cool stuff it will make your sun-burnt head spin. I can honestly tell you my closet is full Team Cocktail shirts that I sport around town and the beaches here in southwest Florida.

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Team Cocktail would like to offer all RumShopRyan Castaways a special 25% OFF discount for the month of June. All you have to do is enter the code RUMSHOPRYAN at checkout to receive your discount.

I hope you like the Team Cocktail gear as much as I do. Happy Shopping!


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