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If you’re anything like me, you like to surround yourself with coastal life decor items at home. It makes you feel as if you’re always on vacation and that ocean views are just a peek out the window. Caron’s Beach House is an online store that sells just that, the beach lifestyle for your home.

Caron’s love affair with the beach, and everything related to the sea, began many years ago (before 1969) on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State.  Lucky girl that she was, her parents bought a 1950’s era brick beach house complete with low-bank waterfront, a rocky beach, and the ever-changing views of the Puget Sound.


Her coastal decorating style definitely began early! With a beach full of barnacle covered rocks, oyster shells, and beach-washed sea glass to discover, Caron was always creating something out of her beach “treasures”…

Caron’s Beach House, was created to share that passion for a creative and distinctive coastal lifestyle, no matter where you live! Step inside, take a deep breath, shake the sand off of your shoes, relax and live at the beach every day of the year! Caron’s Beach House is all about creating a unique experience, offering distinctive seaside and nautical home decorating solutions for their friends and customers who enjoy life on the seashore.

Coastal Pillow

Caron's Beach House Coastal Pillow

Caron prides herself on constantly searching home decorating trends, attending gift shows, seminars, and searching out unique coastal artistsans to bring new beach house products, and seaside gifts to her customers.

One of the best things about living at the beach is inviting friends over to enjoy your little stretch of sandy beach too. It’s exactly the reason why Caron’s Beach House likes to specialize in fun entertaining serving pieces as well as dinnerware designed for the coast!

Coastal Decor

Caron's Beach House "Relax" Paddle

I’ve been browsing the Caron’s Beach House website a lot the last few days and have discovered some truly unique coastal decoration ideas. I’m not just saying that because it’s an advertiser either. Look at this “Relax” paddle, tell me that wouldn’t look great in your home. I know it’s going to go great in my island style man cave.

Please go to CaronsBeachHouse.com and browse through the all the great coastal home decor items.


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