Ahhhhhh, Key West.

Every time I think of Cayo Hueso, a feeling of lost love washes over me and I can’t help but take a deep breath and slowly release it. Ahhhhh. Key West has that effect on most. It’s a different world way down there, and I hope it stays that way forever.

Today’s Photo Friday picture captured me for many reasons. One, I haven’t been to Key West in over a year. This pirate soul has had the itch for quite sometime, and now withdraws are setting in. A fix is definitely long over due. Two, I felt an instant bond with the faceless person to whom this scooter belongs. It doesn’t matter who they are, what line of work they’re in or what political party they favor…the love of Key West, the Conch Republic, crosses boundaries and instantly makes that person a friend. It’s sort of like tailgating at a Chesney or Buffett show. You’ll be celebrating your common love of the music with thousands of friends you just met that day.

Key West says many things to many people. It says “Party Time” to the Duval bar hopping crowd. It says “Ground Zero” to a huge flock of Parrotheads. It has said “Inspiration” to thousands of artists and creative types. And for the rest of us it says, “Escape”. What does Key West say to you?

As I write this, I can feel my heart beating a little bit quicker and a strange feeling of anxiety has set in. It’s that itch was I talking about. The only thing that can mask the symptoms is to close your eyes, think of blazing blue waters and Mallory Square sunsets, then take a couple deep breaths and slowly exhale….Ahhhhh, Key West.

(Photo credit to Shoestring Weekends via Flickr.)

Have a great weekend Castaways.

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