Stop me if you’ve heard this joke…two drunk monkeys walk into a bar on St. Kitts and say to the bartender…

The sentence above is more true than you know. Below is a hysterical or disturbing (haven’t figured out which) video of cocktail loving monkeys that my buddy over at sent me . Turns out these cute monkeys are a lot more like humans than we knew. On the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, Vervet Monkeys have developed a taste for delicious boat drinks and can regularly be spotted stealing rum heavy cocktails from the limin’ humans on the beach. These clever, baby faced fuzz balls look to be stealing from the care-free beach goers at the famous Reggae Beach Bar located at Cockleshell Bay on St. Kitts. At least they have good taste in beach bars.

Turns out the monkeys have distinctive tastes and consumption rates that match the human population. Who knew!

Drinking Monkeys of St. Kitts

These guys give true meaning to the phrase “Monkeying Around”. I’m looking forward to sinking my toes into the sands at the Reggae Beach Bar soon. I will have an eye out for these thieving critters. They won’t get my boat drink without a fight. My rum punch Monkey!

Many of you have asked when I’m taking the Marriott Beach Blogger trip, it looks like I’ll be heading down June 29th to July 3rd. I will do my best to bring you guys with me through real-time photo updates on Facebook and Twitter as well as the daily blog stories.

Cheers Castaways,


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