Photo Friday: A Tropical Christmas

“Lights are blowing from the palm trees, stockings hanging from the mast. Santa riding on a dolphin, don’t you want to make it last. It’s Christmas in the Caribbean.” – Jimmy Buffett, Christmas in the Caribbean

Living in the land of palm trees and year round warm temperatures it’s sometimes hard to get into the Christmas spirit. You don’t have those seasonal changes to trigger your internal Christmas clock. You have to rely on things like advertisements, Christmas cards coming in the mail, and those things they call Calendars.

One thing I get a kick out of is seeing the contrast of the tropics and Christmas decorations. When you think of Christmas you think of snow, reindeer and a sleigh and pine trees cover in lights. I love to see people on the beach wearing Santa hats. I love to see coconut palms dressed in colorful lights. The Christmas spirit is alive and well down here in Southwest Florida, we just do it a little different.

Tropical Christmas

Christmas in the Tropics

Merry Christmas Castaways,

Don’t for get to order your Castaway Koozies. I can still probably get them to you before Christmas.

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  1. DJ December 17, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Wish I was there!…..

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