Reggae Rock Band,The Dirty Heads – Stand Tall

Emerging onto the Southern California music scene with a sound as original as the band members themselves, the Dirty Heads’ blend of hip-hop and classic reggae rips through the sonic surf with bold beats, fun rhythms and the relaxed vibe of feel-good lyrics.

Their debut album, Any Port In a Storm, was released on September 23, 2008

Stand Tall – The Dirty Heads


The band was founded in 1996 by Jared Watson and vocalist/guitarist Dustin “Duddy” Bushnell in the Orange County, CA city of Huntington Beach. The two first met at a party during their freshman year of high school. Upon hearing one of Bushnell’s rap demo tapes, Watson became inspired to collaborate with him on a new project. At the time Bushnell was already in a punk rock band, while Watson had no previous music experience. In Bushnell’s garage, the two began writing hip-hop songs with reggae and punk influences. The band’s name comes from an occasion where the two were stealing a 12-pack of beer, and someone shouted at them “Come here you little dirty heads!”

Recently, the band’s music has been attracting attention throughout the world of entertainment. Their songs have been featured in the movie and soundtrack for Surf’s Up (Sony 2007); and the television drama, Shark staring James Woods (CBS 2007). Actor Matthew McConaughey selected the band’s music to be in his film, Surfer Dude.



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