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Anguilla is a small treasure in the northern Caribbean. Serene and secluded, it is a flat island with almost no hills and well known for its expansive coral reefs, private bays, turquoise blue ocean, breathtaking large white sand beaches and wonderful and varied Caribbean cuisine. The island combines the colonial tradition of the Caribbean with a contemporary way of life. Holiday travelers will find delectable restaurants and friendly locals on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Sandy Ground is the closest thing Anguilla has to a lively tropical seaport. When you mention Sandy Ground to people, the first thing they usually think of is Johnnos night spot. But there is so much more. Actually, Sandy Ground is the area between North Hill and South Hill at the head of Road Bay. It has a beach and a salt pond and a narrow spit of land in between which holds a village, bars, restaurants, customs house, piers, even a small luxury cottage resort!

Anguilla Sandy Ground Beach Webcam

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Anguilla is a blank canvas, allowing you to design any vacation your heart longs for. Those seeking opulence and privacy can rent one of the many spectacular villas, while those looking to soak up the gritty island culture will be awash with cold beer, reggae beats and nightly gatherings around smoky BBQs. And what’s more satisfying than discovering a hidden local haunt which serves freshly caught lobster and island smiles for half the price of those big-name joints down the street? Priceless.



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