Statue of Blackbeard, Bleackbeard’s Castle, Charlotte Amalie, St

St. Thomas, Blackbeard's Castle

Statue of Blackbeard , Bleackbeards Castle , Charlotte Amalie , St . Thomas , US Virgin Islands

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  1. Red December 23, 2018 at 7:11 am

    I have one question about Blackbeard’s statue. What’s the HISTORY of it??? No one seems to know. If they do, the info was never posted online.
    Was Edward Thatch posing for it as some professional sculpter made it in his likeness? Or was it somebody’s creation based on that person’s IDEA of what Blackbeard May have looked like???
    I’m thinking that, if that is what Edward Thatch ( Teach? Tack? Theache? ) had actually LOOKED like, all those old alleged wanted pictures and drawings of him need to be made to look more like the face on that statue! Because that would be the man’s actual FACE!!! And he looks to have been at least mildly deformed, or badly injured due to a very hard painful life. One side of the statue’s mouth looks to be either caved in or badly scarred. You can still see the gap under the mustache. The man’s nose also looks to have been much smaller than the alleged portraits portray. His nose also looks to be bent to the right. At very least, that’s the face of a tough old bird that had lived a very injurious and painful life. However, his eyes look exceedingly fierce. If he had looked angry in that sculpture, his face would have been VERY frightening, indeed!!!
    So I’m just wondering if that statue was made by a sculptor who was standing there copying the real article’s face, or if it was it a later creation? If it was copied off of the real article’s face, it would be as close to the “real deal” as you could ever find. So that is the 24 dollar question!

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