Any time you have a margarita on the back of a shirt, I’m a fan.  I might even walk up and shake your hand. Don’t be scared though, I’m not that crazy. The owner of sent me this shirt because she thought it would be right up my alley.  She’s right, it is. 

As you can see by my lovely model, the shirt has a larger margarita glass with salted rim and accompanied by tequila’s best friend, lime.  Obviously perfect for any beach or margarita part. I was going to wear this to the Jimmy Buffett concert but, in my rushed excited state I not surprisingly forgot. Typical.

Take the Kinks Out, not only has cool margarita shirts but they’re also home to the famous, “Mullet The Better White Meat” t-shirts and caps. For all you mullet lovers, this is the place to get your unique Mullet gear and stand out at the next Mullet festival you attend or simply display your love of mullet.

Does Mullet fishing really have a festival? Is their a secret Mullet cult out there we don’t know about? Interesting…I think. If so, I guess you better get your shirt and hat and show your love for this fish. I don’t think I’ve even tasted Mullet. Can someone tell me more about this fish?

If you’re interested in some of this gear I encourage you to visit the Take the Kinks Out website to see what they have. And if you’ve been to a Mullet festival I have to hear the stories. My imagination is running wild. Something like that must be shared with the world.

Over and out from somewhere south,

caribbean bloggers

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