Buffett and Chesney, Telling Stories About Our Dreams

“Come Monday” this “Jolly Mon” will be sitting in an “Old Blue Chair” “On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful” or in that “One Particular Harbor” enjoying a “Beer in Mexico” or a “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, just trying to enjoy my “Floridays”. Catchy right? Eh, maybe not.

Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney tap into a part of our psyche that yearns to break free from societies handcuffs and pushes us to live a life of island pleasure. Stress? Not in this universe. Pour me a margarita and get out of my sun.

I know a lot of you like these two artists, while not true Caribbean island musicians like Marley and Yellowman, they do tell us exotic stories of the island life. Stories that make us dream. Stories that allow us to escape. They’ve brought this spirit to mainstream American and we have drank it up like a never ending supply of RumRunners. Tastes oh so good doesn’t it?

If you are like me you want the latest and greatest from these two artists. The best sites I’ve found are BuffettWorld.com and ChesneyWorld.com. Bookmark these now.

Want to talk about the great new Chesney iphone app with others? Visit the ChesneyWorld forum and talk with other like minded fans. Want to get the times and dates for when these hot selling concert tickets go on sale? These site will keep you updated so you don’t miss a minute of the party. I could keep rambling on, but really…these sites have it all on these two guys. Sign up for their RSS feed and get updates automatically.

Next time you get that itch to go “Back to the Islands” or feel like you need a “License to Chill”, Buffett and Chesney will take you to a world that sits under that “Lucky Old Sun” and fills your head with “Dreams” of living “The Life” that is truly “Magic”.


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