For this weeks island webcam I want to do Grand Cayman. This tiny pristine island south of Cuba experienced some shaking this week from a small earthquake that happened in the Cayman Trench. No damage and no injuries were reported.

Any time the ground moves it’s cause for concern, but especially so with what just happened a little over a week ago in Haiti. So I wanted to show you that Grand Cayman is clicking on all cylinders and it’s business as usual in beautiful George Town.

This webcam comes from CML in George Town.  The webcam is located towards the north of George Town on Harbour Drive and faces west over the Caribbean Sea. The image refreshes automatically every 30 seconds. In the background you will normally see some of the many cruise ships that visit Grand Cayman on a daily basis, carrying up to 5,000 passengers and crew. As cruise ships are far too big to berth in George Town, passengers are brought ashore in smaller vessels known as “tenders” (which can often be seen moored in the background). In the morning, cruise ship passengers will be seen ambling left to right past the webcam as they make their way towards Seven Mile Beach and the other attractions to the north of George Town.

Over and out from somewhere south,