by Stacey E. Marmolejo

Water, water everywhere

Back in the 60s, world famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau brought attention to the little fishing island of Cozumel, singing its praises and declaring its beauty to the world. Since then, Cozumel has gained a reputation as a Mexico vacation spot with something for everyone, from adventurous kayakers, snorkelers and deep-sea divers to those looking for relaxing days on white beaches who may have never seen (or want to see!) a paddle or a snorkel.

For the water sports fan, sparkling waters teeming with exotic marine life await, whether as part of a tour or for exploring on your own. If you’re more of a sightseer, though, there’s plenty to see!

Not just a Mexico vacation spot…a whole new world

Cozumel combines old world traditions, Mayan history and a true passion for celebrating the botanical, marine and wildlife that makes its home on the island and provides a memorable respite from the world “back home.”

Chankanaab Park exemplifies everything that makes Cozumel so special; Chankanaab Lagoon, the exquisite natural aquarium known around the world, features the world’s only inland coral reef formation, along with dozens of species of marine life.

Punta Sur Light House, another spectacular island attraction, again showcases the exquisite wildlife and rich Mayan history of this Mexican vacation spot. Then there’s “Discover Mexico,” one of the island’s newest attractions, which offers a perfect afternoon for the archaeology and history buffs hoping to gain a deeper appreciation for their host city.

Enduring history, captivating wildlife

As far as vacation spots in Mexico go, Cozumel, with its soul of natural beauty and tradition, is one of the most diverse and rewarding locales for a place that will give any traveler the vacation of their dreams.

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