Corona Light, Why the Skinny?


I’m sitting here doing some research on the exotic island of Dominica, drinking a Corona Light and something struck me as odd. Why is my Corona Light can shaped like a Virgina Slim cigarette?  Which means the can is tall and skinny, like a Michelob Ultra can.  Are they marketing these beers to women like they did with the cigarettes?  Am I drinking a girl beer?

I’m a secure man and would drink a beer in a pink can if it tasted good, but I’m just not a fan of these cans.  For one they don’t fit inside my Margaritaville can cozies.  Secondly my hands are to big for the can.  I have to pick it up all sensitive like in my finger tips.  Not a fan.  I guess I should quit bitching and just buy bottles next time.

Dear Corona,  Please give us normal sized cans.  Tall, skinny cans are not cool.  They are not practical.  They bring insults from our Bud Light drinking friends. (I need new friends)

Anyone else with me on this?

Cheers to the Salt Life,

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  1. JCP December 30, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Skinny can, fat can, long neck bottle, Corona is not to be questioned, just enjoyed.
    Your a man after my own heart Island boy, and I sure do love the islands as much as the next guy, but there seems to be a lot of Kenny Chesney addulation, and it all seems to center around the AVI\’s or the BVI\’S. The real Caribbean wouldn\’t know who Chesney is, other than the AVI\’S or the BVI\’S, which is a big US tourist area. The real Caribbean marchs to a different drum. Don\’t get me wrong, I like Chesney, but when I think of the Caribbean I don\’t think Kenny Chesney. I think Salsa, Peter Tosh, Marley and the Wailers, Taj Majal, etc.
    I am a writer and have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean for thirty years, part of my subject matter is the Caribbean. I enjoy your page, your pictures, and most of all your island attitude, my only wish is that you expand it a little, please.
    After many, many years of life in and around the whole of the Caribbean, living out fanciful dreams of infamy, or as Buffet would put it from one of his earlier works,
    \"Jose had a wondering feeling runnin round in his Mind\" \"Havana day dreaming, boy he\’s just scheeming his life away\". I might not be the most informed, but when it comes to the Caribbean, I know a little.
    Don\’t stop what your doing Island boy, and don\’t take this message the wrong way, we need more like minded people in the world. There would be a lot more peace, fun, and love, and definitely more Skinny cans, fat cans, and long neck bottles of CORONA, and that\’s something we all need to chill out a little.

    Friend in SW Fla.


  2. mm
    RumShopRyan December 30, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    Thank you for the great comment. Always a pleasure to hear from someone with the same interests. Yes, I guess I do tend to talk a more about the USVI and BVI. Those are the parts of the Caribbean I have visited the most. I am super eager to explore the other parts, or as you said the “real” Caribbean. Places like Grenada, Dominca, Saba and the Maya Riveria. So many islands so little time.

    I would love to talk to you about your travels through the islands. I crave information!

    Again, thanks for reading. The blog is a work in progress and will expand just as sure as the trade winds will blow.

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