And She woke up to see her husband sleeping in a murder scene.

I’ll get to that in a bit.  My crew and I are heading down to isle of  “what the hell happened last night” better known as Key West.  My good buddy and I are born two days apart, October 16th and 18th, and we like to celebrate together which tends to up the stakes in what ever we do.  Key West has been the destination before and we still tell the stories about that trip, so making this our destination is nothing but a great idea.

Some stories I can tell and some I can not.  You know how it goes.  What happens on the rock stays on the rock.  It’s like a poor mans Vegas just more relaxed and no gambling.  Ok that might be a bad comparison, but whatever.

I just wanted to give you a brief  intro of the upcoming trip, so if you see a lot of mentions on my twitter and facebook pages about just Key West related material you will know why.

Oh, the murder scene…a buddy and his girl decided to get Wendy’s after the bars.  Some of you may know that Wendy’s well.  They got back to the room and she passes out.  He eats his food and half of hers.  She wakes up to find him, the bed and sheets covered in chicken tenders and ketchup.  Yes, he passed out in his meal.

Ahhhh…Key West

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