Top RumShopRyan Drink Recipes of 2016

After one sip, you'll be missing a year. Time flies when you're having rum! It's about time to turn the lights off on 2016, but before we do let's take a look back at some of our favorite cocktail recipes of the past year. These five cocktails had the most page views out of the 40 some drink recipes that were posted here on in 2016. By looking at the traffic numbers I can … [Read more...]

Road to Zion Cocktail Recipe: Boat Drinks

After one sip, you be jammin'. One of the most common questions I get asked is what type of rum do I enjoy drinking. It's an impossible questions, but I do have some favorites. Rum has experienced a boom in the last few years and people are discovering that it is much more than just the liquor you toss into your fruity drink. The right rums can be enjoyed straight up like a nice bourbon or … [Read more...]

The Cruzan Slow & Steady: Boat Drink Recipe

After one sip, you won't care who won the race. Life in the Caribbean is slow and laid back. There's no reason to rush when the tropical sun is cooking during the day. Best to find a shady beach bar and cool off with a cold Boat Drink. Today's cocktail recipe celebrates that slow way of life, it's called the Cruzan Slow & Steady. There's another story behind the Slow & Steady. The … [Read more...]

A Valentine’s Day Cocktail: The Tropical Kiss

After one sip, you'll never want to kiss another. I'm not really a fan of Valentine's Day. I'm sure I'll catch some heat for that but it's true. I think it's a commercial holiday that was created to drive sales of flowers and chocolate. Who says that 5 dozen roses and 7000 calories means I love you? Such a romantic right. How about a simple gesture, a nice dinner and some words from the heart. … [Read more...]

Over The Coop, Cockspur Rum Recipe: Boat Drinks

After one sip, you'll be sleeping in a cage. Over the coop, yeah I'm a little over the chicken wire for Cockspur rum. I do love the taste, especially the 12, but I honestly think it's my weakness for cool names that pulls me in the most. Put in a pretty bottle, call it something interesting and slap a fancy label on it and I'm sold. Just say the name...Cockspur. Love it! If you name your rum … [Read more...]

The Knee Deep Cocktail Recipe: Boat Drinks

After one sip, you'll need a change in geography. Is there a better pick-me-up beach song than Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band? Top five at least. All I know is when I hear that intro guitar solo start to play, a sly little smirk magically appears on my face. Concrete trucks hanging from the corners of my mouth couldn't stop that smile from forming. Zac and Jimmy singing about a tropical escape, it … [Read more...]

National Daiquiri Day!

Break out confetti and streamers, today is National Daiquiri Day! Gotta love these crazy holidays and the brilliant minds that thought them up. Just another reason to celebrate the island lifestyle! Just a couple weeks ago it was National Pina Colada Day, and now the Daiquiri has its day in the sun. Too many drink holidays? Not enough if you ask me! When is National Rum Punch Day or National … [Read more...]

The Cockspur Jam “Rita” Café Boat Drink Recipe

  After one sip, you'll be chasing the rooster. Barbados, an island that rolls off the tongue as smoothly as rum rolls across it. This eastern most island of the Caribbean is known for many things, but rum might be on the top of that list. Although Rihanna might be pushing hard for that tops spot. To a Castaway though, Barbados will always equal rum. When you think of rum and … [Read more...]

Seize The Day With A Cruzan Carpe Diem

  After one sip, you won't know which way to move the clock. Spring forward Fall back, or is it Spring back Fall forward...I can never get it right. Today is the day we change our clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Is it the end of the Daylight Savings or the beginning? Another thing I can't figure out. That's why I rely on adults who are smarter than I to tell me what to do with my … [Read more...]

The Maui Rocker – Sammy Hagar Beach Bar Rum

One sip and you'll surrender. If you haven't heard yet, Mr. Cabo Wabo, Mr. Red Rocker, Mr. I can't drive 55 has a great new rum on the market. Sammy Hagar, best known for his tequila, has been working hard on his own brand of rum called Sammy's Beach Bar Rum. I posted the Beach Bar Rum press release here a couple months ago letting people know all about the new spirit. When a new rock star rum … [Read more...]