Top RumShopRyan Drink Recipes of 2016

After one sip, you'll be missing a year. Time flies when you're having rum! It's about time to turn the lights off on 2016, but before we do let's take a look back at some of our favorite cocktail recipes of the past year. These five cocktails had the most page views out of the 40 some drink recipes that were posted here on in 2016. By looking at the traffic numbers I can … [Read more...]

Live in Fast Forward with the Cruzan Spiced Apple Cider

After one sip, you'll find yourself on the coast of somewhere beautiful. I just looked at my Weather Underground app and the high temp today is suppose to be 77 degrees. Just about a perfect December day here in southwest Florida. While many of you might be cursing me as a polar vortex brings single digit temps and bone chilling wind chills your way, I do have solution and inspiration. This … [Read more...]

The Survivor: A Shot of Courage and Relief

After one sip, you'll be able to take on an angry ocean. Sometimes you just need an instant dose of relaxation. It could be in the form of a good book, a drive with the windows down, or it might be a quick and smooth rum drink. By the looks of the photo above, you won't need a map to find out which form of relaxation this story will center around. This simple and smooth rum drink is called … [Read more...]

The Pumpkin Pie Martini – A Dessert You Can Sip!

After one sip, that weird uncle won't seem so bad. I don't know about you but 2016 had wings and a couple jet engines attached to it. It flew by in the blink of eye. I wish time would slow down a little, like back when we were all kids and summer vacation felt like an eternity. I want more time to soak up some Caribbean magic! Being that we are coming to the end of 2016 and Thanksgiving is … [Read more...]

The Chilling Ghost-tini Halloween Rum Recipe

After one sip, you'll think you can walk through walls...but you can't so you'll get a bloody nose...then you'll have to go to the emergency room. Happy Halloween! Halloween is upon us. It's a time for freaks and frights to walk the night. But for this castaway it's not an occasion for candy, it's an occasion for rum. Don't you agree? Because of the approaching ghoulish holiday I thought it … [Read more...]

One Rum With A Frozen Bob Marley

After one sip, you'll think you have a good Jamaican accent...yeah mon. For a relatively small island, Jamaica sure knows how to make a splash on the world stage. It's the home of the fastest men and women and it gave us all the music of Bob Marley. The power, feelings and passion behind Marley's lyrics have transcended race, culture and economic differences world wide. It's only right that the … [Read more...]

The Cruzan Tropical Storm: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll be blown away. It must be a slow news cycle here in Florida. We have a tropical depression #9 hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico right now. This storm is causing water cooler talk at work and news stations are pushing it to the lead story. Have we Floridians gone soft? Florida has seen some pretty serious storms and we have always taken them in stride. But it seems … [Read more...]

Take A Sip Of The Potcake: A Rum Fire Drink Recipe

After one sip, you'll want to adopt one. Real pirates drink overproof. Let me introduce to you a Jamaican overproof rum that is surprising smooth but will still kick your ass. Say hello to Rum Fire. Boom. Jamaican overproof rum is famous for fixing everything from car engines to healing the sick. We're not doing either today, we are making a refreshing island cocktail to help us through … [Read more...]

Rum & Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe: Boat Drinks

After one sip, Starbucks will be no more. One Grande Carmel Frappuccino hold the whip please. I'm no coffee drinker. That foo foo frappuccino is about as close as I come to coffee drinks. But today's drink recipe might be an exception. It's called the Rum & Coconut Iced Coffee. Just sort of rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Well hold on to your flip flops because it tastes even better … [Read more...]

Taste The Fury – The Caribbean Storm Cocktail Recipe

After one sip, you won't be in a tropical depression. When you start mixing flavored rums in a fruitiful cocktail, you're going to get something sweet and strong. The flavors mask the rum and you can end up with a drink that is nearly all liquor with a splash of juice and it still tastes great. Today's drink is just that. The drink is called The Caribbean Storm and was introduced to me by … [Read more...]

The Cockspur Corn & Oil: Boat Drink Recipes

After one sip, you'll feel the spur dig in. Barbados is one of the Caribbean islands that has eluded me thus far. A sin I know. It's been called the birthplace of rum and a good friend, Mr. Rum Connection was just there exploring the island's famous rum culture. Because of this, I was inspired to sip on a little Bajan rum. Cockspur. Cockspur is a wonderful rum that hails from Barbados and … [Read more...]