A Salty Proposal to a Beautiful Mermaid

She said YES!!! The following is a behind the scenes look at a special moment that was a long time coming. You'll see how my mind works and doesn't work on the day I asked Castaway Crystal to marry me. If you read my two-part story about The Trip That Wasn't, then you'll know that I was planning to propose on Cat Island at The Hermitage on Mt. Alvernia. Crystal is a big cat lover and it's … [Read more...]

Beach Ethics – The Unwritten Rules of the Sand

I wrote this story back in 2011 but thought it needed to be brought back to life. Castaway Crystal and I this past Sunday on Lovers Key here in Southwest Florida and experience a total lack of beach ethics. I'd like to tell you about the situation and then refresh the list of the unwritten rules of the beach. There we were, sitting on the white sand on the Big Carlos Pass side of Lovers Key. It … [Read more...]

New Wicked Dolphin Florida Spiced Rum

Cape Spirits, makers of Wicked Dolphin Silver Rum are making noise early in 2014 by releasing a their very own spiced rum.  Wicked Dolphin is made in Cape Coral, Florida--essentially my back yard so I'm excited to taste their new offering. Both Wicked Dolphin Silver and Spiced are available now through Republic National Distributing Company and at the Wicked Dolphin Distillery in Cape … [Read more...]

A Magical Sunset Cruise Aboard Old Glory

Is it possible to be a tourist in your own town? I've called the Naples/Bonita Springs/Ft. Myers area home now for 12 years now and I still can't get enough. I still hit the beach every chance I can get, I find myself in the fun touristy beach bars and I still find Gulf sunsets truly magical every time.  It doesn't matter, I've seen hundreds of them, but each one captures my attention like it does … [Read more...]

This Is Why I Live In Southwest Florida

This website is dedicated to the beauty and wonder of the Caribbean, but every once in awhile I'll post something about my backyard, southwest Florida. Today is one of those days, and you'll be glad it is. As many of you know I moved from Kansas to the Naples/Ft. Myers area back in 2001. Before that move I had never been to the area, never head much about it, I just knew it was on the coast and … [Read more...]

International Coastal Cleanup Day: Saturday, September 21st

Tomorrow, September 21st is International Coastal Cleanup Day. Ocean trash is a serious pollution problem that affects the health of people, wildlife and local economies. If you're a reader of this blog then there's a near 100% chance that you love beaches, not just in the Caribbean but any coastal environment. It's important to give back and take care of the beaches and waterways we love so … [Read more...]

Floating To A Naples Sunset

Wednesday was Pirate Girl's birthday, so a little something special was on the itinerary. I told her we were going up to a super fancy McDonalds in Fort Myers but that was just my clever smoke screen. I wouldn't tell her where we were going until we pulled into the Port-of-Call, we had a date with a Gulf of Mexico sunset aboard the Naples Princess. I won't bore you with all the details like … [Read more...]

Driving Over The Fort Myers Beach Bridge…Over and Over and Over

When I first moved to southwest Florida from Kansas City in 2001, I had heard Fort Myers Beach was the happening place to be. It had waterfront restaurants, beach bars, live music and damn good rum runners. Fort Myers Beach is actually the City of Fort Myers Beach and is an long barrier island. Only two ways on, only two ways off. A true "gone coastal" type of place. At the time I lived down in … [Read more...]

Meet Earl, The Rum Loving Egret

Beaches are fantastic, they relax the soul and offer beautiful vistas. Another thing that makes beaches so wonderful is the wildlife that calls them home. The transition from sea to land is home to all sorts of critters; dolphins, crabs, sea birds, bait fish, pale-white tourists, all these things can be found on or around the beach. This story is about one particular bird, a friendly White Egret … [Read more...]

A Fort Myers Beach Sunset: Why Traffic Can Be Good

Fort Myers Beach is my local slice of paradise. It's an 8 mile long stretch of sand with one main road. Yes, traffic gets backed up like a bear, but I really don't mind it. Put a little Mishka on radio, roll down the windows and turn your clock to island time. If you're going to be stuck in a slow moving mass of steel and rubber, this is the place to do it. Just a quick glance over your shoulder … [Read more...]

Learning To Paddle Board With Hooked on SUP: Video

You see them slowly paddling their way across the water. At first it may look like the person is literally standing on the surface of the water, Jesus style. They glide through the shallows, they glide through the surf. They are standup paddle boarding and they enjoy everything the water and landscape has to offer. The sport has been growing in popularity and it was about time to see what all they … [Read more...]