Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Rooftop bars over looking the Caribbean, awesome beach bars of Punta Cana, and somewhat sad news from Margaritaville. The Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up is a must read if you're in love with the islands. I just read Bahama Bob's report that the 10 store Margaritaville restaurant chain was sold to a Brazilian company. I'll let you read the details that are linked below, sad news indeed. I can … [Read more...]

2009 Impromptu Jimmy Buffett Concert On Anegada

Picture this, you're on vacation in the Caribbean, relaxing at at your hotel's outdoor bar and in walks Jimmy Buffett. He smiles, picks up a guitar and starts playing his classics. Sounds like a dream situation doesn't it? Well that very experience happened to a bunch of lucky people at the Anegada Reef Hotel in the BVI. Last weekend in Key West, Castaway Randall was telling me about this … [Read more...]

Jimmy Buffett feat. Fanny Lu “I Want To Go Back To Cartagena”

I hope Jimmy Buffett makes music forever. His new album, Songs From St. Somewhere, was released a couple weeks ago and I've heard mixed reviews from people. My take? I dig it. The album is a nice mixture of crafty complex songs and simple fun songs. Simply put, Buffett's music make me feel good, so I'll pretty much listen to any and all of those reefer tunes, new and old. One of my favorite … [Read more...]

Storytime With Jimmy Buffett and Mishka

When we see our favorite musicians play the songs we love, what we are seeing is the end result of a long creative process. Many hours were spent coming up with the lyrics and the melody, then many more practicing each song. The creative process, and the stories behind the songs are what most of us don't get to see. So when we do get to see a video like the one below , one that shows us this … [Read more...]

Jimmy Buffett Performing “Boat Drinks” and “Volcano” At USVI Beach Bar

Going to a concert to see your favorite musician perform is an experience that you will likely remember for a long long time. If you are attending a Jimmy Buffett show you are likely joined by 35,000 other Parrotheads, all wearing their signs, fins and coconut bras. Get's me excited just thinking about it. Traveling to see a Buffett show is something that many of you reading this do as an annual … [Read more...]

Mishka Releases “Ocean Is My Potion” EP Album

Last week, smooth singing reggae star Mishka released his new EP album called "Ocean Is My Potion." The album is said to be a back to the basics album for Mishka. He funded the album with the help of fans on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Those fans have been eagerly awaiting the release and now we all get to celebrate. The album also features long time friend Jimmy Buffett. The two sing … [Read more...]

Charter Jimmy Buffett’s Yacht, The Continental Drifter III

Cruising the Caribbean aboard a 124 foot luxury yacht is on most people's bucket list. Now what if that yacht was owned by none other than Jimmy Buffett himself, adds a little bit of BANG to the story you could tell doesn't it. Jimmy Buffett is now chartering his 124 foot motor yacht called the Continental Drifter III. For $65,000 a week you'll be able to charters this sleek vessel and its crew … [Read more...]

Welcome To Fin Land Keeps Going & Going & Going

Jimmy Buffett's "Welcome To Fin Land" tour keeps going through the early part of 2012. Is it me, or does this tour seem to be going on forever? I went to the "Welcome To Fin Land" in West Palm Beach last year, it was great show, but it was last year. Now we hear of new tour dates popping up every week for this tour. Don't artists normally call the next year's tour something different? Sell some … [Read more...]

The Mexican Cutie Cocktail, How It Got Here I Might Have A Clue

After one sip, you'll be saying "Uno mas porfavor!" Man am I thirst. After the all day Carl Grooms Rumologist party we had last Saturday, rum and even a cold beer just didn't sound good. Today is Wednesday, Boat Drinks day, and now everything sounds good. Jumping off the wagon! I saw that our friend Carl didn't win the Tommy Bahama Rumologist contest. Congrats to the winner Jack Terry, all … [Read more...]

Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season – An Eye On Irene

It looks like Irene is going to be storm to keep an eye on. I've heard that our friends in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico took a lashing from Irene yesterday and last night. I hope everything is okay with everyone there. I'm not one to stir the drama pot, and don't think Irene is going to be too much of a concern, but when you're home sits in the middle of the cone of probability, or … [Read more...]

Tripping Over Shrimpboat Sound, Jimmy Buffett’s Key West Studio

We were walking form Duval down Caroline Street, took a left down another street to get to the marina to jump on a sunset cruise and there it was. Everyone else in our group walked right by this unassuming building, but my buddy JR and I  stopped right in our tracks. What could make us do that? How about a little Buffett magic. There it stood, Shrimpboat Sound, Jimmy Buffett's recording studio … [Read more...]