Cruise Tourism in the Caribbean and Bahamas

This is a guest post by Erica Kritt, The Cruise Web Team. A getaway on a sunny Caribbean island where you can spend all day in your bathing suit with a fruity beverage in your hand, sounds good, doesn’t it. And just in case you needed another excuse to head south you should know that by choosing to vacation in the Caribbean or the Bahamas you are also a key part of the Caribbean … [Read more...]

Charter Jimmy Buffett’s Yacht, The Continental Drifter III

Cruising the Caribbean aboard a 124 foot luxury yacht is on most people's bucket list. Now what if that yacht was owned by none other than Jimmy Buffett himself, adds a little bit of BANG to the story you could tell doesn't it. Jimmy Buffett is now chartering his 124 foot motor yacht called the Continental Drifter III. For $65,000 a week you'll be able to charters this sleek vessel and its crew … [Read more...]

The Joy Of A Themed Cruise

Cruising aboard the monstrous ships that make their way to ports of call all over the Caribbean can be a great experience. You can eat and drink anything you want, you visit exotic islands and then you come back home tanned (burnt) and recharged. Sounds perfect right? Well what if I told you that you could have even more fun while cruising...would you believe me? I'm sure you've seen them … [Read more...]