A Day On The Water With Born To Rhumb

The US and British Virgin Islands are a special place, many of you already know that. I've been to many many places throughout the Caribbean, but I keep finding myself back in the USVI and BVI. Why? It's the "pinch me" feeling I get on days like the one I recently experienced with Born To Rhumb, a boat charter out of St. John. The Virgin Islands amaze you from land, but spending a day staring … [Read more...]

Live The Dream – Proven Business For Sale on St. John

I know that many of you dream of calling the islands home. I'm guilty as well. I also know that many of you are in love with the rock known as St. John. Guilty again. The thought of throwing caution to the wind and making the jump is both seductive and scary. But it doesn't have to be the latter. You could become the owner of a successful business on St. John. If this interests you, then you're … [Read more...]

Say Hello To Sail Swag

Hey Castaways! I would like to introduce you to the latest RSR advertiser, a company I think you will all really like...Sail Swag. I've always been in love with boating, but taking my first week long sail through the BVI a couple years ago really set the hook. From that point on I've been learning how to sail, studying different types of boats and saving for a vessel to call my own one … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Addictions spawn other addictions. My love of southwest Florida and the Keys, pushed me into a love affair of the Caribbean islands, and now the islands have turned me on full force to the art of sailing. Beam reach, who is the give-way vessel, how to trim the sails, reading the weather and sea conditions...I think about all the ins-and-outs all the time. A new addiction. Luckily I have a … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Want to be blown away, by St. John and BVI beauty? Then watch the video below in this week's Caribbean wrap up. After than fill up on rum from St. Lucia's Chairmans Reserve and Siesta Key, relax at the best AI resorts on Antigua, then find your next charter boat destination. The Caribbean awaits. Just go! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up The 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Antigua: Antigua’s … [Read more...]

7 Must-visit Places to Discover on Your Caribbean Yacht Charter

A guest post by Mathew Scott The Caribbean is a destination that is synonymous with laid back luxury and the stunning tropical scenery; the tranquility of those turquoise waters is ready and waiting. One of the best ways to explore the Caribbean is by boat. We’ve compiled a list of the best locations throughout the region that remain relatively untouched by mass tourism and are best enjoyed … [Read more...]

How To Sail Into Saba

Not a lot of people visit the island of Saba, and when they do it's usually via a short flight from St. Maarten. Sailors usually pass by Saba due to the fact it doesn't have a protected harbor. Though this makes sailing here a little more tricky, it's not impossible. Here is a great video from the Distant Shores sailing website describing how to make the passage from St. Maarten/St. Martin. … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

If you had to pick one, just one, which would you choose? Exploring the Baths of Virgin Gorda, sampling Caribbean street food, hoisting sail in the best sailing grounds of the Caribbean, getting naked at a nude resort in Jamaica, or going luxury style in the Grenadines? Remember you can only pick one!!! It's an impossible question to answer, it's a win win win win win situation. Luckily for … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Why aren't there more floating bars in the Caribbean? I mean it just seems like they are a focal point where ever they are. Take the Willy-T in the BVI for example, the thing is a magnet for the boating community. Why don't more people follow that lead? Well someone else has in Antigua, take a look at D-Boat in this week's Caribbean Wrap Up. It's a little different than the Willy-T, but a grand … [Read more...]

How To Sail a Yacht – Beginner Basics

Hey Castaways. This is a guest post by Janice Collins, a blogger and writer who also loves to sail on weekends. Cheers! Learning to sail any vessel on the water takes plenty of time and practice, but it offers fantastic rewards and experiences by the end. From small boats to yachts, power boats and dinghies, mastering the basics is key to an enjoyable sailing experience. Building a Strong … [Read more...]

360 Degrees of Sagitta

Boats are beautiful. The Sagitta is a 120 foot sailing ship that calls the warm waters of the Caribbean its home. She is part of Island Windjammers fleet and each week she takes 24 guests to amazing ports of call in the Leeward Islands. Most of the time Sagitta motors from island to island, her sails raised just to add a few extra knots. When those sails unfurl and climb skyward she looks … [Read more...]