Enjoy Island Time All The Time With West Indian Rags

If you're anything like me, you have a large collection of t-shirts you've gotten during your travels thought the Caribbean. You put one on and it just feels good. It brings back memories and is an instant conversation starter with anyone that notices it. That island feeling is always with us salty souls. A couple weeks ago I was introduced to Paul, owner of West Indian Rags. We talked about … [Read more...]

Love Boating? Then You’re Gonna Love This

There's no greater feeling than being out on the water. The sun on your skin, wind in your hair, tossing anchor in a blue-water bay, and relaxing to the sway of the sea--boating is a passion that gets into your DNA. If you're a reader of this site then there's a good bet that you, like me, love the boating/sailing lifestyle. My closet is stuffed with beach bar shirts and hats I've collected … [Read more...]

Book Review: Second Chance Gold

How do you do a book review without spoiling the book? Hang on tight because we're going to give it a try! Second Chance Gold is the 4th book in a series written by author John H. Cunningham. The series follows the adventures of Buck Reilly, a once hotshot darling of Wallstreet, now a down on his luck pilot that lives in a hotel in Key West. Buck is what I would call a cross between Jimmy … [Read more...]

The Island State of Mind Wrapped Around Your Wrist

Every once in awhile I get a little carried away when collecting items that remind me of the islands. My flip flop collection is out of control and I have ball caps over flowing out of 2 closets. It's a problem I know, but I can't help it! I think they call that an addiction right? Recently my eye has been drawn to stylish island hook bracelets. Oooooohhh, shiny! A couple weeks ago while … [Read more...]

Exuma: A Thousand Shades of Blue

The Exumas are a visual masterpiece of sand banks, remote islands, stunning under water animals, and some of the bluest, clearest water I've ever seen in my life. I've talk about these islands quite a bit on this site and judging by the comments, you love them just as much as I do. Because of that love I want to tell you about a film I just watched, simply titled...Exuma. I recently received … [Read more...]

Review of Mishka’s “The Journey” Album

Last Tuesday, November 19th 2013, Mishka released his first full length studio album since 2010. Titled, The Journey, this album was put together using the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. This allowed him to have complete creative control to put out an album true to himself. The Journey is different from his previous albums, it focuses more on vocals and instrumental tones. It does not have … [Read more...]

Casual and Comfy Bokos Sandals: Product Review

Sandals and flip flops, they are the symbolic announcement that  summer time has arrived. You slip into a pair and you can't help but feel more relaxed. Sandals are just like any other type of footwear, you have nice ones, dirty ones, ones you wear to the beach and ones you go walking in. Today I want to tell you about a new pair of sandals I got that fill another gap, they casual everyday utility … [Read more...]

Old Mango Teams Up with My Island Art For Spectacular Results

Sometimes two things come together and the combination is a match made in heaven. Peanut Butter and chocolate, biscuits and gravy, chips and salsa (I must be hungry)--that's what happened when island photographer William Torrillo (Old Mango) and My Island Art got together. William has a fantastic eye that captures the true island beauty, each photo is so life-like and vivid that you can almost … [Read more...]

Review of Harborside Resort Timeshares

This post is brought to you by Harborside Resort Timeshares. Paradise Island is a small, yet amazingly beautiful island in the Bahamas which features some of the clearest blue water you have ever seen. Because of its inarguable beauty, the island has understandably become a prime tourist spot. People come from all over the world to experience the breathtaking water views and walk along its … [Read more...]

The Launch of Sand Dollar Media Group

Today is a big day! They say that if you do what you love then you'll never work a day in your life. That's how I feel every day when I sit down in front of the computer and dive into the island lifestyle world with RumShopRyan.com. Now I want to expand that world and help others in the process. Today is the launch of Sand Dollar Media Group, a Social Media Marketing company that focuses on … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Deadly Quiet Sea

It could have happened to anyone of us, you're out fishing one night in the Florida Keys and happen to stumble upon a boat in distress. You act quickly to save any souls on board, but next thing you know you're caught up in a drug fueled assassination attempt and now you're running for your life. Hey, it could happen. The book titled, The Deadly Quiet Sea by Ron Laughlin, puts you in the shoes … [Read more...]