Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

I've found myself day dreaming about the islands a lot lately. They are always top-of-mind, but the last couple days my salty mind has been awash in blue water and island time. Maybe because March was my last trip to el Carib, maybe because next week is the Castaway Beach Bash, either way withdrawals are setting in. All I know is this Week's Caribbean Wrap Up is full of amazing island stories that … [Read more...]

Best Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the Caribbean

This is a guest post from Angie Picardo, a writer at If you are planning on going to the Caribbean, scuba diving and snorkeling is a must. Diving the underwater world of the Caribbean is a phenomenal way to experience the islands. Let's look at some of the more magnificent reefs and islands suited to explore the underwater world. From huge holes in the ocean floor, to massive … [Read more...]

Cozumel Webcam – An Eye in the Caribbean

Are hurricanes good for business? Of course not right, stupid question. I bet you a cold rum punch that if you ask that same question to the people at the Weather Channel you might get a different answer. Not only were people glued to the TV watching what Irene was going to do, they were also jumping on the internet, searching for Caribbean webcams. saw a huge jump in traffic … [Read more...]

Isla Mujeres, Insert Self Here – Photo Friday

Some call it Woman Island, some say Island of Women, however you choose to translate it, the ancient and true name is Isla Mujeres. An island of women, now wouldn't that be a fantasy land treat. Back to reality boys. Isla Mujeres got its name because it was the Mayan sanctuary to goddess Ixchel for about a thousand years. This tiny Mexican Caribbean gem is located just off the Yucatan, a few … [Read more...]

2nd Annual Island Time Fishing Festival

Have you ever heard of the island Isla Mujeres? It's a small island just off the coast of Mexico north of Cancun. Sign you up right? Yeah, me too. They are throwing a big party called the "Island Time Fishing Festival". The event takes place February 15th - 19th and will include a Sailfishing Tournament, K9K Road Race, a beach bash, an Island Time Dinner Concert, Nightly Entertainment at JAX … [Read more...]

Cozumel – Immerse Yourself in the Culture (and the Water) Of This Mexico Vacation Spot

by Stacey E. Marmolejo Water, water everywhere Back in the 60s, world famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau brought attention to the little fishing island of Cozumel, singing its praises and declaring its beauty to the world. Since then, Cozumel has gained a reputation as a Mexico vacation spot with something for everyone, from adventurous kayakers, snorkelers and deep-sea divers to those … [Read more...]