Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Do you have any summer travel plans that involve the Caribbean? May is generally the start of 0ff- or slow-season in the islands. You'll find great deals on hotels and charters, unfortunately I haven't seen much of a dip in airfare prices. You would think that will the fall in oil and gas prices, that airfares would fall as well. Well they haven't. A couple weeks ago I bought two tickets to St. … [Read more...]

Music: Pressure – Virgin Islands Nice

I have to give thanks to our friends at No Shoes Radio for this great song. Headphones on, eyes staring at the screen, and fingers taping away at the keys--it's easy to fall into a trance in an office job. The sweet tunes of No Shoes Radio often help me get through the day. A couple weeks ago I heard the song, "Virgin Islands Nice" by an artist called Pressure. The song instantly struck a … [Read more...]

EX-PATS Episode 2: Savannah Travels To St. Croix to meet Expat Nate Olive

"Don't live on St. Croix, live in St. Croix." Nate Olive moved to the Virgin Islands from Georgia and truly does live in St. Croix, not on St. Croix. Nate is the focus the Reserve Channel's EX-PATS second episode as they follow him through his life on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.  It's crazy to see his transformation from college frat boy to director of Ridge to Reef, an organic farm on … [Read more...]

Four U.S. Virgin Islands Beaches Awarded “Blue Flag” Certification

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, December 1, 2011 – The Department of Tourism is proud to report that four of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ beaches have received the prestigious Blue Flag certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Blue Flags were raised today at Lindbergh Bay at the Emerald Beach Resort and Great Bay at The Ritz Carlton on St. Thomas; Trunk Bay on St. John and Pelican Cove … [Read more...]

Cruzan Rum is Getting a Face Lift.

Since this is Rum Renaissance week on Miami Beach, I thought I share a this story about the Cruzan Rum distillery on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It looks like the famous island rum company is getting a little help with a big upgrade to their facility. I'll cheers to that. From the Clean Water America Alliance newsletter U.S. Rum Industry: Setting New Standards for Environmental … [Read more...]

Christiansted, St. Croix Harborcam

Island webcam day! This week is all about St. Croix, here is the Christiansted Harbor cam from Christiansted, the capital of the Danish West Indies from 1755 to 1871, is one of two main towns on St. Croix. Located between a busy seaport and green hillsides, the town is well known for it’s many historic yellow buildings. The one square mile town of Christiansted offers you a … [Read more...]

Adventures in St. Croix, Haved you Undressed this Beauty?

Fine beaches, lush forests, historical landmarks, and a touch of Europe make a visit to St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, a journey through land and time. The attitude of this island is fun-loving and welcoming to tourists, so start planning a jaunt in this direction if you feel like sampling the finest features that the Caribbean has to offer. Eighty two square miles is a lot … [Read more...]

Living in St Croix – Do You Have What It Takes?

The American Caribbean, the US Virgin Islands are diamonds among the blue waves. This week let's focus on St. Croix, located about 40 miles south of St. Thomas, it seems to be left out at times. The spot light is now on you STX! I love stories about people who decided to break the social norms and live a different life. This story by Gary Pierce and his wife did just that. The island hopped the … [Read more...]

St. Croix Christiansted Webcam

Watching people that don't know your watching them is a little creepy. I suppose you get a pass for watching webcams mounted in public places, especially places as busy and beautiful as the Christiansted boardwalk on St. Croix. The Christiansted Harborcam is always on and is open to the public from the boardwalk location captured on the camera. The Rum Runners Deck Bar (where the camera is … [Read more...]