Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Do you have any summer travel plans that involve the Caribbean? May is generally the start of 0ff- or slow-season in the islands. You'll find great deals on hotels and charters, unfortunately I haven't seen much of a dip in airfare prices. You would think that will the fall in oil and gas prices, that airfares would fall as well. Well they haven't. A couple weeks ago I bought two tickets to St. … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Rum and islands float through my mind constantly. Does this happen to you? As of right now I have two trips on the schedule, Nassau for the Rum Bahamas Festival where I'll be judging some of the best rums in the Caribbean, and St. John, where I'll be collecting photos, hiking and exploring the island from a different point of view. That and I talk about STJ so much that Castaway Crystal said … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

If you had to pick one, just one, which would you choose? Exploring the Baths of Virgin Gorda, sampling Caribbean street food, hoisting sail in the best sailing grounds of the Caribbean, getting naked at a nude resort in Jamaica, or going luxury style in the Grenadines? Remember you can only pick one!!! It's an impossible question to answer, it's a win win win win win situation. Luckily for … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

A good rum drink should always be paired with a great view, and at the Treehouse Bar on Virgin Gorda in the BVI you'll have just that. Want a bar a little closer to the sand? Then Jack's Bar on Princess Margaret Beach on Bequia is the place for you. These stories and more in this week's Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up. Cheers! Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up Rum Journal: In Virgin Gorda, a Bar Among the … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Hope you like this week's stories in the Caribbean Weekly Wrap UP! Have you ever wanted to know what yacht that is sitting in the harbor...well there's an app for that. Want to know what some of the top beach bars in the Caribbean are? Of course you do! Want to really know Antigua or The Baths of Virgin Gorda? You'll find great answers to all of these questions in this week's Wrap Up. The … [Read more...]

The Baths of Virgin Gorda, BVI: Island Lime Videos

The Baths of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands are a "pinch me" type of place. Large volcanic boulders cover the southern shoreline creating majestic caves and tidal pools. Last week was my first visit to this stunning landscape and it exceeded my expectations. It was a quick whirlwind tour, but it still left a powerful impression on this salty soul. You'll see some of that beauty in this … [Read more...]

Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up

Friday's are one of my favorite days of the week. Not because the weekend is kicking into gear, but because it gives me the chance to share some amazing stories about the Caribbean with you. All week I read amazing island stories, I keep a list of the ones that stand out, then consolidate the best into the Caribbean Weekly Wrap Up. It's a routine that both keeps me up-to-date on Caribbean … [Read more...]

The Bitter End Buddy – A Boat Drink Recipe

After one sip, you'll be sailing towards the Bitter End. I peruse a lot of Caribbean websites trying to stuff my head full of helpful information. That's a job requirement of a Caribbean blogger. Tough I know, I can feel your pity slapping me in the face now. While doing this tough work I sometimes find rum drink recipes like today's that might otherwise remain lost to the vast sea of the … [Read more...]

City Planning in the Islands and a Virgin Gorda Sunset

Have you ever wondered why most of the population centers in the Caribbean are located on the lee, or west side of the island? Not all, but most follow this pattern. Georgetown, Grand Cayman - Oranjestad, Aruba - Kralendijk, Bonaire - St. Georges, Grenada - Bridgetown, Barbados - Castries, St. Lucia - Fort de France, Martinique - St. John's, Antigua - Basseterre, St. Kitts - Cruz Bay, St. … [Read more...]

Leverick Bay Webcam – Virgin Gorda, BVI

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. I'd like to wish my mother a happy Mother's Day, she deserves it for putting up with me for all these years. Maybe you can take your mom to a tropical resort paradise like the one in this weeks Island Webcam series. I'm she would be most appreciative and would love for you to be her cabana attendant that never let's her drink go … [Read more...]

The Baths of Virgin Gorda, BVI

The Baths represent the stellar natural attraction of the British Virgin Islands, with exotic pools and grottos formed by giant boulders strewn across sand beaches. Explorers will revel in the hidden rooms with shafts of light, snorkelers in the coral ledges and caves, sunbathers/ swimmers in the white sand beaches adding to the sparkling clarity of the water. Be careful of the surge when the … [Read more...]